Words That Start With A | List of 50 Important Adjectives That Start with A

Words That Start with A! Following is a list of 50 positive adjectives that start with A you should learn to expand your vocabulary words.

Words That Start with A

List of Adjectives That Start with A

Learn a list of 50 words that start with A in English.

  • Attractive
  • August
  • Auspicious
  • Authentic
  • Available
  • Awake
  • Accurate
  • Accustomed
  • Active
  • Awesome
  • Able-bodied
  • Abounding
  • Astonishing
  • Aboveboard
  • Absolute
  • Abundant
  • Academic
  • Acceptable
  • Acclaimed
  • Accommodating
  • Accomplished
  • Accordant
  • Adorable
  • Adventurous
  • Adamant
  • Adept
  • Admirable
  • Adonic
  • Aesthetic
  • Affable
  • Affectionate
  • Affluential
  • Ageless
  • Agile
  • Alacritous
  • Alluring
  • Altruistic
  • Amative
  • Amazing (amazing synonyms)
  • Ambitious
  • Amusing
  • Angelic
  • Appealing
  • Appropriate
  • Ardent
  • Arousing
  • Artistic
  • Aspiring
  • Assistive
  • Attainable

Words That Start With A | Examples

  • It is appropriate that everyone be suitably attired.
  • He always exaggerates to make his stories more amusing.
  • In imagination I hear angelic laughter as a background to the life of the other world.
  • She was not exactly good-looking, but definitely attractive.
  • Is that an authentic painting from Piccaso, or a modern copy?
  • Author and subject indexes are available on a library database.
  • He is awake to the serious problem.
  • The brochure tries to give a fair and accurate description of each hotel.
  • These people are accustomed to hard work.
  • She’s very active, considering her age.
  • It is awesome to see these magnificent creatures in flight.
  • I find it absolutely astonishing that you didn’t like it.
  • The school governors have absolute discretion over which pupils they admit.
  • Mosquitoes are extremely abundant in this dark wet place.
  • She wasn’t very academic and hated school.
  • It is becoming more acceptable for women to drink alcohol.
  • She’s so nice and accommodating, I’m afraid people will take advantage of her.
  • Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards.
  • Have you seen their new baby – she’s simply adorable!
  • I’m trying to be more adventurous with my cooking.
  • The author has done an admirable job in compiling all this material.
  • He is the most affectionate and cuddly dog I have ever known.
  • She was wearing a most alluring dress at Sam’s dinner party.
  • It’s amazing that a stranger suddenly become your world.
  • He was an ambitious man with a strong personality.

Adjectives that Start with A | Infographic

Words That Start With A | List of 50 Important Adjectives That Start with A

Words That Start With A | List of 50 Important Adjectives That Start with A 1

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Academically very helpful to me. Finding very effective in my work and spoken English. Thank you.