Learn 9 Important Adverbs of Frequency in English

Adverbs of Frequency in English! In this lesson, you will learn the adverbs of frequency to master your English grammar.

Adverbs of Frequency

  • 100% – ALWAYS

Example: He’s always very punctual. I’ll see if he’s here yet.

  • 90% – USUALLY

Example: We usually go to the restaurant on Sundays.

  • 80% – GENERALLY

Example: We generally go to the sea for our holidays.

  • 70% – OFTEN

Example: They often went caroling at Christmas.

  • 50% – SOMETIMES

Example: Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to.


Example: We occasionally meet for a drink after work.

  • 15% – SELDOM

Example: I have seldom seen such brutality.

  • 5% – RARELY

Example: She is old and rarely goes out.

  • 0% – NEVER

Example: If you don’t aim high you will never hit high.

The frequency of Adverbs| Infographic

Adverbs of Frequency

Learn 9 Important Adverbs of Frequency in English 1

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