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AKA Meaning: Definition and Examples of Trendy Acronym “AKA”

AKA Meaning: Definition and Examples of Trendy Acronym “AKA”

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AKA Meaning! In this article, we’ll go to the detail of what AKA means and stands for with useful example conversation in English to help you use the acronym in the correct situations.

AKA Meaning

What Does AKA Mean?

AKA stands for Also Known As. The terms a.k.a. and aka are acronyms for the phrase also known as. Most often used to describe a person’s aliases, pseudonyms or nicknames, a.k.a. and aka may also be used when describing another name for a place or object. This is an interesting example of the evolution of an acronym. It is used often on Facebook, real life, in writing, and similar websites.

Other Meanings

  • AKA = Alpha Kappa Alpha
  • AKA = Always Known As…
  • AKA = Above-the-Knee Amputation
  • AKA = American Kennel Association
  • AKA = American Kickboxing Association
  • AKA = Animal Korean Appetizer
  • AKA = Awesomely Kick A**
  • AKA = As Know As
  • AKA = Above Knee Amputation
  • AKA = Another Known Alias
  • AKA = American Kickboxing Academy
  • AKA = A King Agency
  • AKA = Advanced Knowledge Associates
  • AKA = Art Known As

Examples Using AKA

Example 1: Conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I’ll make that cake for you on your birthday.
  • Friend 2: Really, It’s tough. It looks sophisticated.
  • Friend 1: Of course. I’m your friend, aka master chef. haha.

Example 1: Conversation between co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: Hi, welcome to our team.
  • Co-worker 2: Hello, nice to meet you guys.
  • Co-worker 3: Let me introduce a little bit. This is Ali, aka our leader.

AKA Meaning Infographic

AKA Meaning: Definition and Examples of Trendy Acronym "AKA"