American Slang: List of 25 Essential American Slang You Shouldn’t Miss!

American Slang! In this lesson, you will learn a list 25 essential American slang words and phrases you might need to use in your daily life to sound like a native speaker.

American Slang

List of American Slang Words

List of 25 American slang you need to know:

1. Awesome

  • Meaning: Awesome means something is wonderful or amazing
  • Example: They had an awesome task ahead.

2. Cool

  • Meaning: great or fantastic
  • Example: You’re so cool!

3. Dude

  • Meaning: guy
  • Example: Hey, dude, what’s up?

4. Beat

  • Meaning: to win
  • Example: You were born to beat!

5. To Hang Out

  • Meaning: spend some time together
  • Example: I am not going to hang out with him anymore because he is sleazy.

6. Wheels

  • Meaning: a car
  • Example:  He got some really nice wheels for his 18th birthday.

7. Hot

  • Meaning: attractive
  • Example: She’ so hot in that dress!

8. Go banana

  • Meaning: go crazy
  • Example: I will go bananas if my team wins the championship!

9. To Have a Crush

  • Meaning: you’re attracted to somebody and would like them to be more than just your friend.
  • Example: It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone – but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

10. Kicks

  • Meaning: shoes
  • Example: I’ve got new kicks, are they nice?

11. My bad

  • Meaning: my mistake
  • Example: Sorry, it’s my bad to leave you alone at the party.

12. Boo

  • Meaning: boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Example: She is my boo.

13. Creeper

  • Meaning: a weird person
  • Example: He is talking to a goose, such a creeper!

14. Ex

  • Meaning: old boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Example: He’s different from my ex.

15. Hooked

  • Meaning: you’re addicted to something and you can’t get enough
  • Example: I got hooked on TV when I was sick.

16. Sick

  • Meaning: Cool
  • Example: You’re so sick!

17. Ripped

  • Meaning: torn
  • Example: The flags had been ripped in two.

18. Dunno

  • Meaning: I don’t know
  • Example: I dunno what you are talking about.

19. Keep it real

  • Meaning: be yourself
  • Example: Keep it real! I believe you can do it!

20. Bro

  • Meaning: friend
  • Example: Hey bro, what’re you doing?

21. Pro

  • Meaning: Professional
  • Example: She’s a real pro.

22. Croak

  • Meaning: to die
  • Example: She was croaked in the age of 45.

23. Dope

  • Meaning: stupid person
  • Example: You’re a dope!

24. Crash

  • Meaning: sleep
  • Example: She was crashing at a friend’s house after the party.

25. Gig

  • Meaning: job or work
  • Example: She makes a bundle at her current gig.

26. Chicken

  • Meaning: cowardly
  • Example: “He’s too much of a chicken to try that jump!” Tim said snidely.

27. Idiot box

  • Meaning: the television
  • Example: He spends too much time indoors in front of the idiot box.

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American Slang: List of 25 Essential American Slang You Shouldn't Miss!Pin

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3 years ago

thanks, it’s useful lesson
but we need these slang words in sentences for more understand.

3 years ago

Same as previous comment wanna learn how to use it not just know the meaning.

3 years ago
Reply to  IamfromTaiwan

What’s you need bro. I’ll help you.

2 years ago
Reply to  Robert

What d’ya need bro?

7 months ago
Reply to  Dora

its long time ago