BFF: What Does BFF Stand For in Texting? (with Useful Examples)

BFF! BFF meaning! Do you know what bff mean in texting? In this article you will learn the meaning of internet slang word ~ bff and how to use it in texting.


BFF Meaning

  • BFF = Best Friend(s) Forever
  • In texting, BFF stands for the phrase Best Friend(s) Forever. It is often used to express a girl’s best friend.
  • This expression is used both in uppercase or lowercase format when typed into an email or instant message.

BFF in Texting

A: Hey BFF, what’re u doing?

B: Hi, I’m doing my homework.

A: What homework?

B: of Art, you forgot it?

A: OMG, I almost forgot!!

B: OMG!!

A: Ya, do it for me, please!

B: Oh, why?

A: Cuz you’re good at drawing, while I’m not and…cuz you’re my BFF, you have to help me.

B: No way.

A: Let me buy something to eat, wait me.

B: Haha. okay.

Related Abbreviations

  • BFF (Boyfriend Forever)
  • BFF (Best Friend Farted)
  • BFF (Black Friend Forever)
  • DS (Dear Son)
  • DD (Dear Daughter)
  • DH (Dear Husband)
  • DW (Dear Wife)
  • BF (Boyfriend)
  • GF (Girlfriend)
  • Bestie (Best Friend)
  • DB (Dear Brother)

Other Internet Slang

  • OFC: of course
  • SMH: Shake My Head
  • : see
  • D8 : date
  • UR : your
  • ASAP : as soon as possible
  • CUL : see you later
  • Cu: See you
  • Wbu?: What about you?
  •  K/Okies/kk: Ok
  • Idc: I don’t care
  • Ttyl: Talk to you later
  •  Fyi: For your information
  • HAND : have a nice day
  • HRU : How are you
  • F8 : fate
  • M8 : mate
  • PLS : please
  • SIS : sister
  • : you
  • GF : girlfriend
  • L8 : late

BFF | Infographic

BFF: What Does BFF Stand For in Texting? (with Useful Examples)Pin

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