Bicycle Parts: 25+ Important Parts of a Bicycle with ESL Picture

Bicycle Parts! Bicycle parts and their functions! Following is a list of common parts of a bike in English with ESL pictures and example sentences you should learn to expand your vocabulary.

Bicycle Parts | Bike Parts

List of Core Parts of a Bike

Different parts of a bicycle in English

  • Saddle
  • Carrier
  • Handlebar
  • Headset
  • Headlight
  • Front fender
  • Tire & tube
  • Rim
  • Spoke
  • Fork
  • Pedal
  • Crank
  • Mudguard
  • Chain wheel
  • Chain
  • Chainstay
  • Hub
  • Seat stay
  • Rear fender
  • Seat clamp
  • Brake lever
  • Top tube
  • Brake cable
  • Font brake
  • Down tube
  • Seatpost
  • Head tube

Parts of a Bicycle & Their Functions

Bike parts and their functions in English.

  • Brake –  devices used to stop or slow down a bicycle.
  • Frame – the mechanical core of a bicycle, the frame provides points of attachment for the various components that make up the machine.
  • Head tube – the tube of a bicycle frame that contains the headset
  • Seatpost – a post that the seat is mounted to. It slides into the frame’s seat tube and is used to adjust ride height depending how far into the seat tube it is inserted.
  • Handlebar – a lever attached, usually using an intermediary stem, to the steerer tube of the fork.
  • Headset – the bearings that form the interface between the frame and fork steerer tube.
  • Tire – is glued to the wheel rim; most tires use tubes, but tubeless tires and rims are increasingly common.
  • Rim – that part of a wheel to which the tire is attached and often forms part of the braking mechanism.
  • Spoke – connects wheel rim to hub.
  • Fork – a mechanical assembly that integrates a bicycle’s frame to its front wheel and handlebars, allowing steering by virtue of its steerer tube.
  • Pedal – mechanical interface between foot and crank arm.
  • Chain – system of interlinking pins, plates and rollers that transmits power from the front sprocket(s) to the rear sprocket(s).
  • Chainstay – a pair of tubes on a bicycle frame that runs from the bottom bracket to the rear fork ends.
  • Hub – the core of a wheel; contains bearings and, in a traditional wheel, has drilled flanges for attachment of spokes.
  • Seat stay – the roughly vertical tube in a bicycle frame running from the seat to the bottom bracket.
  • Brake lever – a lever for actuating a bicycle brake
  • Top tube – the tube of a bicycle frame that contains the headset
  • Brake cable – a metal cable enclosed in part by a metal and plastic housing that is used to connect a control, such as a brake or shifting lever, to the device it activates.
  • Down tube – tube on the bicycle frame that runs from the head tube to the bottom bracket.

Bike Parts | Infographic

Parts of a Bike

Bicycle Parts: 25+ Important Parts of a Bicycle with ESL PicturePin

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