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The Ultimate List of English Collocations You Should Know!!

The Ultimate List of English Collocations You Should Know!!

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It is important to learn collocations because they are important for the naturalization of one’s speech. Besides, they broaden one’s scope for expression. Following is a list of collocations to help you get started.

Collocation Dictionary

A collocation is a combination of words that are commonly used together; the simplest way of describing collocations is to say that they ‘just sound right’ to native English speakers. Other combinations that may mean the same thing would seem ‘ unnatural’. Collocations include noun phrases like ‘ stiff wind’ and‘weapons of mass destruction’, phrasal verbs such as “to get together” and other stock phrases such as “the rich and famous”

Common Collocations Starting with Verbs

Collocations with the Verb DO

Learn common collocations with the verb DO

  • Do me a favour
  • Do the cooking
  • Do the housework
  • Do the shopping
  • Do the washing up
  • Do your best
  • Do your hair

Collocations with the Verb HAVE

  • Have a good time
  • Have a bath
  • Have a drink
  • Have a haircut
  • Have a holiday
  • Have a problem
  • Have a relationship
  • Have lunch
  • Have sympathy

Collocations with the Verb TAKE

  • Take a break
  • Take a chance
  • Take a look
  • Take a rest
  • Take a seat
  • Take a taxi
  • Take an exam
  • Take notes
  • Take someone’s place

Collocations with the Verb MAKE

  • Make a difference
  • Make a mess
  • Make a mistake
  • Make a noise
  • Make an effort
  • Make money
  • Make progress
  • Make room
  • Make trouble

Collocations with the Verb BREAK

  • Break the law
  • Break a leg
  • Break a promise
  • Break a record
  • Break someone’s heart
  • Break the ice
  • Break the news to someone
  • Break the rules

Collocations with the Verb CATCH

  • Catch the bus
  • Catch a ball
  • Catch a cold
  • Catch a thief
  • Catch fire
  • Catch sight of
  • Catch someone’s attention
  • Catch someone’s eye
  • Catch the flu

Collocations with PAY

  • Pay respect
  • Pay a fine
  • Pay attention
  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay cash
  • Pay interest
  • Pay someone a visit
  • Pay the bill
  • Pay the price

Collocations with the Verb KEEP

  • Keep the change
  • Keep a promise
  • Keep a secret
  • Keep an appointment
  • Keep calm
  • Keep in touch
  • Keep quiet
  • Keep someone’s place

Collocations with the Verb SAVE

  • Save yourself the trouble
  • Save electricity
  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Save someone a seat
  • Save someone’s life
  • Save something to a disk
  • Save time

Collocations with the Verb GO

  • Go bald
  • Go abroad
  • Go astray
  • Go bad
  • Go bankrupt
  • Go blind
  • Go crazy
  • Go fishing
  • Go mad
  • Go missing
  • Go online
  • Go out of business
  • Go overseas
  • Go quiet
  • Go sailing
  • Go to war

Collocations with the Verb COME

  • Come under attack
  • Come close
  • Come direct
  • Come early
  • Come first
  • Come into view
  • Come last
  • Come late
  • Come on time
  • Come prepared
  • Come right back
  • Come to a decision
  • Come to an agreement
  • Come to an end
  • Come to a standstill
  • Come to terms with
  • Come to a total of

Collocations with the Verb GET

  • Get the sack
  • Get a life
  • Get a job
  • Get a shock
  • Get angry
  • Get divorced
  • Get drunk
  • Get frightened
  • Get home
  • Get lost
  • Get married
  • Get permission
  • Get ready
  • Get started
  • Get the impression
  • Get upset
  • Get wet
  • Get worried

Collocations Related to TIME

  • Bang on time
  • Dead on time
  • Free time
  • Great deal of time
  • Make time for
  • Right on time
  • Run out of time
  • Time goes by
  • Time passes
  • Waste time
  • Spend time
  • Waste time
  • Make time for
  • Save time
  • Free time
  • Have a hard time
  • Have time
  • Take your time
  • On time
  • Just in time
  • Take time off
  • Run out of time
  • Stall for time
  • Pass the time
  • Leisure time
  • Spare time
  • Take your time
  • This/the same time tomorrow
  • To tell time
  • To keep time
  • Precious time
  • Set time
  • Kill time
  • Have a great time

Collocations Related to Business

  • Annual turnover
  • Keep in mind
  • Break off negotiations
  • Close a deal
  • Close a meeting
  • Come to the point
  • Dismiss an offer
  • Draw a conclusion
  • Draw your attention to
  • Launch a new product
  • Go bankrupt
  • Go into partnership
  • Make a profit/loss

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