24 Useful Collocations with BREAK

It is important to learn collocations because they are important for the naturalization of one’s speech. Besides, they broaden one’s scope for expression. Following is a list of commonly used collocations with BREAK in English.

Collocations with BREAK

  1. break a bone
  2. break a code
  3. break a habit
  4. break a law
  5. break down
  6. break the news to someone
  7. break a promise
  8. break a record
  9. break a window
  10. break ground
  11. break new ground
  12. break someone’s heart
  13. break the ice
  14. break one’s fall
  15. break a leg
  16. break even
  17. break loose
  18. break from tradition
  19. break the rules
  20. break the silence
  21. break the spell
  22. break free
  23. break up
  24. break the ice

Collocations Using the Verb BREAK | Image

Collocations with BREAKPin

24 Useful Collocations with BREAK Pin


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