39 Useful Collocations with MAKE in English

Collocations with MAKE in English!  In this lesson, you will learn common collocations with MAKE in English to expand your English vocabulary.

Collocations with MAKE

Learn 39 collocations with MAKE in English.

  • make an appointment
  • make a fortune
  • make charge
  • make money
  • make an effort
  • make friends
  • make a decision
  • make fun of somebody
  • make breakfast
  • make lunch
  • make a mess
  • make dinner
  • make a mistake
  • make a choice
  • make a noise
  • make an exception
  • make a sound
  • make an excuse
  • make a phone call
  • make plans
  • make a mistake
  • make progress
  • make a profit
  • make the bed
  • make a suggestion
  • make a wish
  • make an attempt
  • make a point
  • make an offer
  • make a request
  • make a mistake
  • make changes
  • make furniture
  • make payment
  • make room
  • make clear
  • make trouble
  • make an excuse
  • make a cake

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3 years ago

make an efforts or make an effort?