Important Contractions in the English Language 1

Important Contractions in the English Language

In the English language, like in many other languages, we frequently shorten some combination of words when we speak. When we write, we substitute the missing bits with an apostrophe. Below is a list of the most commonly used contractions in English with their usage.

Contraction List

Learn Contractions Grammar with example sentences.







I amI’mI’m going to the music class.
You areYou’reYou’re late again.
He isHe’sHe’s a good man.
She isShe’sShe’s going to learn English.
It isIt’sIt’s raining today.
We areWe’reWe’re very tired.
They areThey’reThey’re not coming to our house tomorrow.
I haveI’veI’ve enough work for today.
You haveYou’veYou’ve got my bag.
We haveWe’veWe’ve decided to go for vacation.
They haveThey’veThey’ve gone to meet their grandparents.
I willI’llI’ll complete the assignment tonight.
You willYou’llYou’ll have to come for the party.
He willHe’llHe’ll be coming back in fifteen minutes.
She willShe’llShe’ll be happy to see you.
They willThey’llThey’ll be coming here tomorrow.
Are notAren’tWe aren’t sure about the route.
CannotCan’tI can’t solve this puzzle.
Should notShouldn’tWe shouldn’t enter the building after dark.
Must notMustn’tYou mustn’t be late for work.
Could notCouldn’tWe couldn’t find your house.
Did notDidn’tHe didn’t complete his homework.
Do notDon’tI don’t know his address.
Had notHadn’tI hadn’t studied for the English examination.
Have notHaven’tI haven’t seen him for months.
Will notWon’tI won’t be going to the tennis court today.
Would notWouldn’tIt wouldn’t have been worth the effort.
What isWhat’sWhat’s the time?
Who isWho’sWho’s coming with us?
Where isWhere’s Where’s my book?

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Important Contractions in the English Language

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Important Contractions in the English Language 2

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