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DIFFERENT Synonym: List of 40 Synonyms for DIFFERENT with Examples

DIFFERENT Synonym: List of 40 Synonyms for DIFFERENT with Examples

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DIFFERENT Synonym! Are you looking for a different way to say different? Here are 40 synonyms for different to help you enhance your English vocabulary.


List of Synonyms for Different

Learn 40 synonyms for DIFFERENT in English to expand your synonyms dictionary.

  • Dissimilar
  • Multifarious
  • Particular
  • Various
  • Several
  • Magpie
  • Distant
  • Divergent
  • Divers
  • Kitchen-sink
  • Peculiar
  • Respective
  • Motley
  • Heterogeneous
  • Idiosyncratic
  • Indiscriminate
  • Individual
  • Mixed
  • Separate
  • Single
  • Disparate
  • Miscellaneous
  • Diverse
  • Eclectic
  • Singular
  • Manifold
  • Assorted
  • Alternate
  • Sundry
  • Variant
  • Varied
  • Distinct
  • Differing
  • Discernible
  • Discrete
  • Piebald
  • Promiscuous
  • Raggle-taggle
  • Ragtag
  • Alternative

Different Synonyms Examples

  • The reasons for closure are multifarious.
  • There was a distinct smell of gas.
  • He wanted time to pursue his many and varied musical interests.
  • They allotted a separate desk to everyone.
  • The book covers such diverse topics as snorkelling and first aid.
  • Her latest book is quite dissimilar from her previous one.
  • The weather presented a particular challenge, especially for American servicemen unaccustomed to subarctic conditions.
  • Classes for dancers of differing levels of technique have therefore been dispensed in favour of mixed ability sessions.

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