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EACH vs EVERY: How to Use Every vs Each Correctly?

EACH vs EVERY: How to Use Every vs Each Correctly?

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EACH vs EVERY? Do you know the differences between each vs every in English? Please check the lesson below and find out what differences are.

Each vs Every

Each and every are determiners in English grammar. And, what’s the difference between them?


We use each when referring to individual members of a group, one at a time.


  • Each bird likes to hear himself sing.
  • Each individual item has a number.
  • Each of them having their own room was the logical solution.
  • You should allocate the same amount of time to each question.
  • Each man is the architect of his own fate.
  • Dolphins use sound to communicate with each other.
  •  It is very moving to see how much strangers can care for each other.
  •  I’ve been setting aside a few pounds each week.
  • We watched two apes grooming each other.
  • Let’s keep in touch with each other.
  • Each school must evolve its own way of working.
  •  I love you more each day as time goes by.
  • They were bunching up, almost treading upon each other’s heels.


We use every to talk about collectively things more than individually. It means each, all.


  • Every man has his own habit.
  • A golden key opens every door
  • Every failure one meets with adds to one’s experience.
  • Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
  •  Every day of thy life is a leaf in thy history. 
  • Every heart knows its own bitterness.
  • Every man has the defects of his qualities.
  • Every mother thinks her child beautiful.
  • Every horse thinks its own pack heaviest.
  • There are two sides to every question.
  • I wept when I was born, and every day shows why.
  • She sat in the corner, watching my every move.
  • You can’t settle every argument by duking it out.

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EACH vs EVERY: How to Use Every vs Each Correctly?