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EITHER OR: Usage and Useful Examples in English

EITHER OR: Usage and Useful Examples in English

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Do you know how to use EITHER OR correctly? In this lesson, you will learn the use of EITHER OR with example sentences in English.

How to Use EITHER OR

Either refers to any one of the two things or people. Either is always considered singular in a sentence. Either/or is a correlative conjunction. We use either/or for connect things which are the same types, phrases, clauses or words.

Example Sentences

  • Either he or she cooks dinner.
  • Either Mark or Samuel will go.
  • You can either come with me now or walk home.
  • They don’t have enough time. They can either have breakfast or have a shower.
  • You can either call me at home or the office.
  • I’ll either write to you or phone you next week.
  • Life is a horse, and either you ride it or it rides you.

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