15 Best Excuses for Being Late You Might Need!

It happens to everyone at some point, time slips away from you and you’re late, you will need an explanation. Following is a list of 15 interesting excuses for being late you might need in case of being late to work, class, school or appointment.

15 Excuses for Being Late

  • Sorry, I’m late.
  • I overslept. / fell asleep late and couldn’t wake up early.
  • I lost my car keys/ wallet/ phone.
  • I couldn’t find a parking space.
  • I just lost track of time. (I didn’t notice what time it was)
  • The bus was late.
  • I was tied up in a meeting. (I had a meeting before came here)
  • I got lost coming here.
  • I had to wait for ages for a bus.
  • I got stuck in traffic.
  • The bus/ my vehicle broke down.
  • I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop.
  • The weather was terrible.
  • I got caught by the police. (for over speeding or red signal)
  • My wife/ husband is ill, so I had to get the children to school first.

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15 Best Excuses for Being Late You Might Need!Pin

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