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FOMO Meaning: What Does FOMO Mean & How to Use It Correctly?

FOMO Meaning: What Does FOMO Mean & How to Use It Correctly?

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What does FOMO mean? How to use it correctly? In this lesson, you will learn the meaning and examples of the popular acronym “fomo” in English with ESL infographic.

FOMO Meaning

What Does FOMO Mean?

FOMO stands for the phrase “Fear Of Missing Out“. Since this texting abbreviation is most often used on social media, it is more likely to be used by young social media users.

Fear omissing out (FOMO) describes when a person feels increased anxiety or stress from missing out on social events or not having been invited to attend in the first place. FOMO feelings are typically amplified for frequent visitors of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, where users see a continual stream of pictures, videos and comments of parties, events, outings or other life activities that they may not have been invited to or able to attend.

But FOMO is sometimes used to describe the fear of missing professional or “life” opportunities, like getting a degree, retiring before your 70th birthday, buying into stocks, or getting a promotion. It isn’t exclusively a “youth” phenomena, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use FOMO to describe “serious,” non-social situations.

Other Meanings

  • FOMO = Friends Of Music One
  • FOMO = Friends of Mulanje Orphans
  • FOMO = Fear Of Missing Oreos
  • FOMO = Fort Moultrie (US National Park Service)

Examples Using FOMO

  • “I have a cold, but my deep-seated FOMO made me come to this party.”
  • “His FOMO was too much to deal with, so he drove 2,000 miles to come to this concert.”

Example : Conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: We didn’t tell Sam about our trip. Is it ok?
  • Friend 2I think, it’s ok. She seriously has FOMO, she needs to calm down.
  • Friend 1Well, I hope someone else wouldn’t tell her. 

FOMO Meaning Infographic

FOMO Meaning: What Does FOMO Mean & How to Use It Correctly?