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FWIW Meaning | What Does FWIW Stand For? (with Useful Examples)

FWIW Meaning | What Does FWIW Stand For? (with Useful Examples)

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FWIW! Do you know what FWIW stand for? In this lesson, you will learn the meaning of FWIW and how to use it in sentences.


FWIW Meaning

What does FWIW stand for?

FWIW stands for “For What It’s Worth

  • It is used by most of the internet users who are part of the pop culture and understand the meaning of acronyms.
  • It is used when you have to add a piece of information which you think might be relevant to what is being discussed, or might be important for the person you are talking to.
  • FWIW is used when text messaging or interacting on social media forums.

Similar Internet Slang Words

Similar words that can be used here are “IMO,” in my opinion, and “IMHO,” in my humble opinion.”

Other Meaning of FWIW

  • For Whoever Is Wondering
  • Forgot Where I Was
  • For whatever it’s worth

FWIW | Examples

Example 1

  • ‘ I feel, FWIW, you should definitely go to NYC and complete your education. Your children are big enough to manage on their own, don;t worry about them.’

Example 2

  • The party was a complete disaster. 
  • Yeah, but FWIW the food was good.

Other Text Abbreviations

  • SBY = Somebody
  • HMU = Hit Me Up
  • SFAIK= So Far As I Know
  • SH= Sh** Happens
  • SIMYC = Sorry I Missed Your Call
  • SIS = Sister
  • SITD = Still In The Dark
  • SMH = Shaking My Head
  • SOL = Sooner Or Later
  • SRSLY = Seriously
  • SRY = Sorry
  • SSDD = Same Stuff, Different Day
  • STBY = Sucks To Be You
  • SWAK = Sealed (or Sent) With A Kiss
  • SWYP = So, What’s Your Problem?
  • TAFN = That’s All For Now
  • TBA = To Be Announced
  • TBC = To Be Continued
  • TBH = To Be Honest
  • TBL = Text back later
  • TCB = Take care of business
  • TFH = Thread From Hell
  • TFS = Thanks For Sharing
  • TFTI = Thanks For The Invitation
  • TGIF = Thank God It’s Friday
  • THX = Thanks
  • TIA= Thanks In Advance

FWIW | Infographic

FWIW Meaning | What Does FWIW Stand For?