GERUND: What is a Gerund? Important Gerund Examples

What is a gerund? Important gerund examples in English! This page provides the definition of gerund and gerund examples for ESL learners to master their English grammar.

What is a GERUND? Gerund Examples

What is a gerund? Gerunds are words that are formed with verbs but act as nouns. For examples: playing, singing, working, doing, etc.

Gerunds act as subjects in the sentences:

  • Reading is one of the best ways of improving your vocabulary.
  • Listening is an important part of the job.

Gerunds act as direct objects in the sentences:

  • I dislike being away from my family. 
  • My mom really loves cooking.

Gerunds act as indirect objects in the sentences:

  • She never admits making mistakes.
  • Last night, I forgot doing my homework. 

Gerunds act as objects of prepositions in the sentences:

  • My passion for painting was forever. 
  • By writing will helps you think well. 

Gerunds act as predicate nouns in the sentences:

  • My favorite activity is singing. 
  • Her responsibility is checking

Verbs Followed by Gerunds

List of verbs followed by gerunds in English.

Verb + Gerund

  • acknowledge
  • discuss
  • dislike
  • endure
  • enjoy
  • go
  • imagine
  • anticipate
  • defend
  • deny
  • appreciate
  • consider
  • detest
  • involve
  • keep
  • mention
  • quit
  • recall
  • recollect
  • recommend
  • omit
  • postpone
  • practice
  • prevent
  • regret
  • resent
  • risk
  • suggest
  • tolerate
  • understand
  • resist
  • resume

Verb + Preposition + Gerund

  • adapt to
  • apologize for
  • believe in
  • blame for
  • care about
  • approve of
  • ask about
  • engage in
  • forgive for
  • give up
  • work on
  • worry about
  • put off
  • take part in
  • help with
  • complain about
  • consist of
  • succeed in
  • suffer from
  • talk about
  • disapprove of
  • discourage from
  • look forward to
  • participate in
  • persist in
  • plan on
  • result from
  • prepare for
  • profit from
  • prohibit from
  • think about
  • warn about
  • there’s no point in

Be + Adjective + Preposition + Gerund

  • be accustomed to
  • be happy about
  • be interested in
  • be afraid of
  • be concerned with
  • be critical of
  • be useful for
  • be worried about
  • be discouraged from
  • be angry about
  • be ashamed of
  • be capable of
  • be certain about
  • be enthusiastic about
  • be familiar with
  • be famous for
  • be fond of
  • be known for
  • be nervous about
  • be perfect for
  • be proud of
  • be glad about
  • be tolerant of
  • be upset about
  • be good at
  • be responsible for
  • be sad about
  • be successful in
  • be suitable for
  • be tired of
  • be used to

Gerunds in English | Infographic



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3 years ago

Good point of grammar

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Great job.

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imroatus solikhah
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Very helpful

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Asmaa Ahmed
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Great job?

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good to know

2 years ago

What is the certain words that is gerund if you see those words

1 year ago

the page is very good for English learners

José Jorge Eyzaguirre Fiorilo
José Jorge Eyzaguirre Fiorilo
1 year ago

I can’t believe I knew so little about this.

You should really publicize this much more. Lots of us have learned English and use it constantly but haven’t stopped to think about this after school. Learning again or learning like for the first time. I don’t feel like an architect. I feel I need to see all this again…

Thanks many.

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mr potatohead
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Mekides Mengesha
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thank you.

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Omonefe Ariyo
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Good grammar in English

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