GN Meaning: The Meaning and Interesting Conversation Examples of “GN”

What does GN mean? Do you often use this trendy internet acronym? In this lesson, we’ll discover what it means and stands for with interesting texting conversations.

GN Meaning

What Does GN Mean?

GN is an internet acronym that stands for “Good Night“. It is used to wrap up a conversation when bedtime comes and wish someone a good sleep.

GN means “Good Night” on the internet and in real life, though like many abbreviations and some slang terms, it’s typed more often than it’s spoken.

Similar slang of GN: G9, Gn8, gd nt, 99

Other Meanings

  • GN = Grand National
  • GN = Good News
  • GN = Guide Number
  • GN = Group Number
  • GN = Good Neighbors
  • GN = Ground Network
  • GN = General Natural
  • GN = General Names
  • GN = Godel Number
  • GN = Green
  • GN = General Notes

Other Ways to Say “Good Night”

  • Sleep well
  • Go to bed, you sleepy head!
  • Night Night.
  • Lights out!
  • Sweet dreams!
  • See ya’ in the mornin’!
  • I’ll be dreaming of you!
  • Nighty Night
  • Sleep well, my little prince/princess!
  • Jesus loves you, and so do I!
  • Sleep snug as a bug in a rug!
  • Dream of me
  • Until tomorrow.
  • Always and forever!
  • I’ll be dreaming of your face!
  • Have a good sleep
  • Dream about me!

Examples Using GN

Example 1: Conversation between two friends.

  • Person 1: It’s time to sleep, see you tomorrow. GN!
  • Person 2: Ok, GN!

Example 2: Conversation between two friends.

  • Person 1: I’m sorry, but I need some sleep, I even can’t open my eyes.
  • Person 2: Ok, I’ll text you tomorrow, GN
  • Person 1: G9.

GN Meaning Infographic

GN Meaning: The Meaning and Interesting Conversation Examples of "GN"Pin

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2 years ago

I think is necesary 4 the wrap up a conversation, when u need 2 write fast. This the acronym, u can used 4 the many meanings.

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