HO Meaning: What Does HO Mean? (with Useful Examples)

HO! HO meaning! In this lesson, you will learn how to use the internet slang word – HO with definition and useful examples sentences.


HO Meaning

HO stands for the phrase ~ “Hold On”

The term “HO” can be used in a lot of situations.

  • When used in texting and messaging, it means “hold on.” This is used when someone need to leave the conversation and return later.
  •  The person who uses this phrase is asking the other party to “hold on” for a bit while they do something.

Similar Internet Slang

  • WAN = Wait A Minute
  • BBIAM = Be Back In A Minute
  • JAM = Just A Minute

Other Meaning

  • History Of
  • Hard On
  • Hand Out
  • High Occupancy
  • Hopkins
  • Head On
  • Home Office
  • Head Office
  • Hang Out
  • Health Occupations
  • Host Open
  • High Output
  • Hearing Officer


  • A: What is your schedule tomorrow?
  • B: HO, I’ll check it.


  • A: What are you doing?
  • B: I’m watching films. You?
  • A: I’m playing game. Can we make a video call?
  • B: Ok. but HO, I need to help my Mon for a minute.
  • A: Ok. LMK when you’re ready.

HO | Infographic

HO Meaning: What Does HO Mean? (with Useful Examples) 2Pin

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