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Hundreds Chart: Number Chart 1-100 in English

Hundreds Chart: Number Chart 1-100 in English

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Hundreds Chart! In this lesson, you will learn the hundreds chart(100 chart) in English and how to read out them with ESL pictures to help students, especially kids to master their mathematics.

Concept of the Hundreds Chart

Hundreds Chart: Number Chart 1-100 in English

Definition and Purpose

A Hundreds Chart is essentially a 10×10 grid that displays the numbers from 1 to 100. Each row contains ten numbers, and the chart helps visualize numerical patterns and relationships. We use a Hundreds Chart for several key reasons:

  • To enhance number fluency by providing a visual representation of numbers and their sequences.
  • To assist in developing counting skills, especially skip counting by intervals such as 2s, 5s, and 10s.
  • To aid in understanding place value as students can clearly see the progression of numbers in tens and ones.
  • To introduce basic concepts of addition and subtraction as students can learn to move vertically and horizontally across the chart.

Historical Background

The concept of the Hundreds Chart is attributed to the broader field of number grids used in various cultures throughout history for calculation purposes. These grids were foundational in teaching arithmetic long before our modern numerical education tools were developed. The Hundreds Chart as we recognize it today has been refined over the years to support early mathematical learning.

  • It originated from a need to simplify and visualize numerical concepts for young learners.
  • The chart became increasingly popular as educators acknowledged its effectiveness in communicating complex ideas like place value and number operations.

In our classrooms, we continue to employ the Hundreds Chart as an invaluable resource to build a strong numerical foundation among students.

Hundreds Chart

Learn hundreds chart in English with example sentences.

  • 0

Read as: zero

Example: Without practice, hopes will be reduced to zero (0).

  • 1

Read as: one

Example:  There are 4 steps to happiness: 1 you 2 me 3 our hearts 4 together.

  • 2

Read as: two

Example:  The store will reopen at 9 a.m. on 2 January.

  • 3

Read as: three

Example: The workers had to lie off 3 days because of the bad weather.

  • 4

Read as: four

Example: Creditors 4 have better memories than debtors.

  • 5

Read as: five

Example: He spent 5 years in prison for forgery.

  • 6

Read as: six

Example: My mother died when I was 6.

  • 7

Read as: seven

Example: She leaves home at 7 every day.

  • 8

Read as: eight

Example: If I remember rightly the party starts at 8 pm.

  • 9

Read as: nine

Example: Traffic reaches its peak between 8 and 9 in the morning.

  • 10

Read as: ten

Example: Please weigh out 10 pounds of potatoes.

  • 11

Read as: eleven

Example: We eventually took off at 11 o’clock and arrived in Venice at 1.30.

  • 12

Read as: twelve

Example: Hilter ruled Germany for only 12 years.

  • 13

Read as: thirteen

Example:  A child develops rapidly between the ages of 13 and 16.

  • 14

Read as: fourteen

Example: Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 15

Read as: fifteen

Example: Bake the potatoes for 15 minutes, till they’re nice and crisp.

  • 16

Read as: sixteen

Example: France derives 16% of revenue from air freight.

  • 17

Read as: seventeen

Example: The actress was only 17 when she was plucked from obscurity and made a star.

  • 18

Read as: eighteen

Example: An adult under British law is someone over 18 years old.

  • 19

Read as: nineteen

Example: Clay will vacate the position on June 19.

  • 20

Read as: twenty

Example: The city had scarcely changed in 20 years.

  • 21

Read as: twenty-one

Example: My mother was 21 when she got married.

  • 22

Read as: twenty-two

Example:  The actor achieved fame at the age of 22.

  • 23

Read as: twenty-three

Example: Rees, 32, has been capped for England 23 times.

  • 24

Read as: twenty-four

Example: The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours.

  • 25

Read as: twenty-five

Example: After 25 years, our love is even stronger than before.

  • 26

Read as: twenty-six

Example: The committee was reconstituted after May 26.

  • 27

Read as: twenty-seven

Example: I’m 27, have a nice flat, a good job and I’m not unattractive.

  • 28

Read as: twenty-eight

Example: Only 8 of the 28 starters completed the course.

  • 29

Read as: twenty-nine

Example: The age of the candidates ranged from 29 to 49 with an average age of 37.

  • 30

Read as: thirty

Example: He is retiring next year after 30 years with the company.

  • 31

Read as: thirty-one

Example: This coupon is valid until 31 January.

  • 32

Read as: thirty-two

Example: Rees, 32, has been capped for England 23 times.

  • 33

Read as: thirty-three

Example: The mean temperature of this area is 33 degrees in summer.

  • 34

Read as: thirty-four

Example: He was still unattached at the age of 34.

  • 35

Read as: thirty-five

Example: 50% of men under 35 spend at least 20 minutes preening themselves every morning in the bathroom.

  • 36

Read as: thirty-six

Example: The bridge has a clear span of 36 metres.

  • 37

Read as: thirty-seven

Example: He married his wife Jane 37 years ago.

  • 38

Read as: thirty-eight

Example: Gerald was 38, and a confirmed bachelor .

  • 39

Read as: thirty-nine

Example: The opposition candidate failed by only 39 votes to unseat the cabinet minister.

  • 40

Read as: forty

Example: There were over 40 tenants, all occupying one wing of the hospital.

  • 41

Read as: forty-one

Example: The result was a sensational 41 victory.

  • 42

Read as: forty-two

Example:  Schumacher has 42 points, which will take some beating.

  • 43

Read as: forty-three

Example: The team now has an amazing record of 43 straight wins.

  • 44

Read as: forty-four

Example: The percentage has increased by 15 to 44.

  • 45

Read as: forty-five

Example: There is widespread prejudice against workers over 45.

  • 46

Read as: forty-six

Example: Please look at category 46 to see if the expression you are looking for is shown under another headword.

  • 47

Read as: forty-seven

Example: The number 47 bus leaves in 10 minutes.

  • 48

Read as: forty-eight

Example: They plunged for 48 hours in Washington.

  • 49

Read as: forty-nine

Example: Last year, Griffey hit 49 home runs.

  • 50

Read as: fifty

Example: Our speed averaged out at 50 km an hour.

  • 51

Read as: fifty-one

Example: Disney will retain a 51 percent controlling interest in the venture.

  • 52

Read as: fifty-two

Example: There are 52 playing cards in a pack.

  • 53

Read as: fifty-three

Example:  Jamal Anderson netted just 53 on 18 carries.

  • 54

Read as: fifty-four

Example:  She streaked home in under 54 seconds.

  • 55

Read as: fifty-five

Example: Her heartbeat is only 55 at rest.

  • 56

Read as: fifty-six

Example: 56 per cent of new cars were bought on credit.

  • 57

Read as: fifty-seven

Example: A survey of 57 hospitals by Newchurch, a consultancy, reveals striking improvements.

  • 58

Read as: fifty-eight

Example: The champion began with breaks of 74 and 58.

  • 59

Read as: fifty-nine

Example: Blackwell is 59, strong looking and enormously energetic.

  • 60

Read as: sixty

Example: The bombs ignited a fire which destroyed some 60 houses.

  • 61

Read as: sixty-one

Example: Prices have gone up 61 percent since deregulation.

  • 62

Read as: sixty-two

Example: The book contains 62 pages of illustrations.

  • 63

Read as: sixty-three

Example:  I am 63 years young and retired for one year.

  • 64

Read as: sixty-four

Example: He was diagnosed a diabetic when he was 64.

  • 65

Read as: sixty-five

Example: The country has a total population of 65 million.

  • 66

Read as: sixty-six

Example: The car was driving westbound on Route 66.

  • 67

Read as: sixty-seven

Example: The figure has more than trebled to 67 per cent.

  • 68

Read as: sixty-eight

Example:  A fully cut brilliant diamond has 68 facets.

  • 69

Read as: sixty-nine

Example: This data was collected from 69 countries.

  • 70

Read as: seventy

Example: I make the distance about 70 kilometres.

  • 71

Read as: seventy-one

Example: The government went down by 71 votes.

  • 72

Read as: seventy-two

Example: The sad truth is that, at 72, he is past his prime.

  • 73

Read as: seventy-three

Example: There are 73 unions affiliated to the Trades Union Congress.

  • 74

Read as: seventy-four

Example: The champion began with breaks of 74 and 58.

  • 75

Read as: seventy-five

Example: The company made a whopping 75 million dollar loss.

  • 76

Read as: seventy-six

Example: He was 76 votes short of the quota.

  • 77

Read as: seventy-seven

Example: Three women were among the 77 deputies elected.

  • 78

Read as: seventy-eight

Example: He’s very tall and erect for his 78 years.

  • 79

Read as: seventy-nine

Example: She lived to the age of 79.

  • 80

Read as: eighty

Example: She’s over 80, but is still very active.

  • 81

Read as: eighty-one

Example: Sixsmith scored the clincher after 81 minutes.

  • 82

Read as: eighty-two

Example: She’s 82 and can’t manage on her own any more.

  • 83

Read as: eighty-three

Example: The government was defeated by 200 votes to 83.

  • 84

Read as: eighty-four

Example: At 84, John feels his age precludes too much travel.

  • 85

Read as: eighty-five

Example: I’m 85, but I still feel young in spirit.

  • 86

Read as: eighty-six

Example: He was 86 when he died so I suppose he’d had a good innings.

  • 87

Read as: eighty-seven

Example: At 87, Minna’s still full of vim and vigour.

  • 88

Read as: eighty-eight

Example: The Chicago Bulls iced Orlando Magic 88 to 65.

  • 89

Read as: eighty-nine

Example: Brooks is 89 years old and still going strong.

  • 90

Read as: ninety

Example: An average potato has about 90 calories.

  • 91

Read as: ninety-one

Example:  He lived to the ripe old age of 91.

  • 92

Read as: ninety-two

Example: For the next 92 days, the baby needed constant attention.

  • 93

Read as: ninety-three

Example:  The House voted by 327 votes to 93, comfortably exceeding the required two-thirds majority.

  • 94

Read as: ninety-four

Example: The programme’s running time is 94 minutes.

  • 95

Read as: ninety-five

Example:  We were belting down the motorway at 95 miles per hour.

  • 96

Read as: ninety-six

Example: Those voting for the motion, 96, and those voting against, 54.

  • 97

Read as: ninety-seven

Example: He lived to the grand old age of 97.

  • 98

Read as: ninety-eight

Example: He suffered third-degree burns over 98 per cent of his body.

  • 99

Read as: ninety-nine

Example: In Japan 99 per cent of all households now have a colour television set.

  • 100

Read as: one hundred

Example: They request that you back off 100 meters to the south.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use a hundreds chart to teach multiplication?

We can use a hundreds chart for teaching multiplication by showing patterns and visualizing the concept of repeated addition. For instance, to multiply by 2, we would highlight every second number, revealing a pattern that helps students understand that multiplication is adding a number to itself a certain number of times.

What are some interactive activities for a hundreds chart?

Hundreds charts can be made interactive by using games like ‘missing numbers,’ where students fill in the blanks, or ‘number hopscotch,’ where they jump along the chart to learn skip counting and basic arithmetic operations.

Where can I find a free printable hundreds chart up to 120?

Free printable hundreds charts up to 120 are readily available online through educational resources and teaching blogs. For a diverse range of templates, we might search for educational websites that offer downloadable resources for educators and parents.

What are the educational benefits of using a hundreds chart?

Using a hundreds chart offers several educational benefits, including improved number sense, recognition of numerical patterns, and enhancement of addition and subtraction skills. It’s also helpful for teaching place value and base ten concepts which are foundational for further mathematical learning.

Can you provide tips on how to read and interpret a hundreds chart effectively?

To read a hundreds chart effectively, we start at the number one and read across each row left to right, then move to the beginning of the next row. Interpretation involves recognizing patterns, such as straight lines indicating multiples of 10, or evenly spaced numbers illustrating even or odd sequences.

Is there a version of the hundreds chart that goes up to 1000?

Yes, there are expanded versions of the hundreds chart called ‘thousands charts’ that go up to 1000. These are used for advanced teaching of higher number concepts, place value, and for exploring more complex patterns in the decimal number system.


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