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Learn Idioms with Body Parts in English

Learn Idioms with Body Parts in English

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Following is a list of commonly used idioms with body parts you might need to learn to use in your daily life.

Idioms with Body Parts

Idioms with body parts in English with meaning and example sentence.

Blow your mind/Mind blowing

  • Meaning: Something that blows your mind is extraordinary or unbelievable.
  • Example: The treasures in the palace were mind blowing

By heart

  • Meaning: To learn something very well or to know something word-for-word.
  • Example: Rohan knew the poem by heart.

All ears

  • Meaning: To be all ears is to be very interested in what someone else is saying.
  • Example: I’m all ears, let’s continue.

Close shave

  • Meaning: The phrase close shave describes coming very close to an accident or narrowly avoiding it.
  • Example: The car almost hit me. It was a close shave.

Get on your nerves

  • Meaning: The phrase is used for something that annoys or irritates to a great extent.
  • Example: I really don’t want to meet them, they keep asking questions and it gets on my nerves.

Hale and hearty

  • Meaning: This phrase is used to refer to someone who is well or in great health.
  • Example: My uncle was admitted to the hospital a couple of days back for a minor stomach ache but now he is hale and hearty.

Let your hair down

  • Meaning: To relax and enjoy.
  • Example: After a stressful week at work, Rita likes to let her hair down over the weekend.

No sweat

  • Meaning: This phrase is used to refer to a task that is easy to do/ will take no effort.
  • Example: I’ll get the job done, no sweat.

Roll your eyes

  • Meaning: To roll your eyes at something is to show little interest or express disbelief.
  • Example: He rolled his eyes at the presentation. Most of the information was incorrect.

Slip of the tongue

  • Meaning: ‘Slip of the tongue’ is a phrase used when someone says something accidentally.
  • Example: I’m sorry I told her about the money. It was a slip of tongue.

Keep an eye on

  • Meaning: Take care of, watch in order to protect
  • Example: Will you keep an eye on my daughter for a while?

Joined at the hip

  • Meaning: To be exceptionally close to someone
  • Example: Chris and Jenny have been joined at the hip since they started dating each other a year ago. You would never see one without the other.

Pat on the back

  • Meaning: Recognition or a thank-you
  • Example: Alex deserves a pat on the back for all his hard work.

See eye to eye

  • Meaning: Agree
  • Example: We don’t see eye to eye on business issues.

On the nose

  • Meaning: Precisely, at an exact time
  • Example: Her estimate was right on the nose.

sight for sore eyes

  • Meaning: Someone that you’re pleased to see
  • Example: You’re a sight for sore eyes I thought you’d gone for good!

Cost an arm and a leg

  • Meaning: Be very expensive
  • Example: She saw a beautiful coat but it cost an arm and a leg.

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Idioms with Body Parts

idioms with body parts

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