IDN Meaning: What Does IDN Stand for? (with Useful Examples)

IDN! IDN Meaning! In this lesson, you will learn how to use the internet slang IDN with useful definition, example sentences and conversations.


IDN Meaning

What does IDN stand for?

IDN stands for “I Don’t Know”

It’s used to directly show that someone doesn’t know something.

Some say it has been in use since 2002 in email, texting, and online platforms.

IDN | Other Meaning

  • IDN = International Directory Network
  • IDN = International Data Number
  • IDN = Integrated Data Network (AUTODIN II)
  • IDN = Intelligent Design Network
  • IDN = Intel Developer Network
  • IDN = InterDomain Networks (Sun Microsystems)
  • IDN = I Don’t No (chat)
  • IDN = Intradermal Nevus (lesion)
  • IDN = International Data Network
  • IDN = Interdigital Nerve

IDN | Examples

  • To tell the truth, IDN much about it.
  • IDN how to love you.Looking at you is the only way I know.
  • Her first name is Sarah but IDN her surname.
  • IDN whether I will be able to come.
  • There’s something afoot here, but IDN what it is.
  • IDN him well; I’ve only met him twice.
  • IDN how to say it in English.

IDN | Conversations

  • A: Do you know what happens? There’re a lot of people there.
  • B: IDN, I will check it.


  • A: Do you have any plans for the weekend?
  • B: IDN, Perhaps I’m free.

IDN | Infographic

IDN Meaning: What Does IDN Stand for? (with Useful Examples)Pin

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