IMO Meaning: What Does IMO Mean? Useful Examples

IMO! IMO meaning! In this article, you will learn the definition and example of the acronym – IMO with useful infographic.


IMO Meaning

IMO = In My opinion

What is IMO’s meaning? There are various meaning of IMO. It is used when expressing your own personal opinion on an issue especially when it is different from the popular opinions. Anyone can use it formally or informally.

  • I have to superadd the budget expenses, IMO.
  • IMO, the movie lacks contents.
  • IMO, this suggestion smacks of pessimism.
  • IMO, the curvature was determined experimentally.
  • This is a sound strategy, IMO.
  • Your best drama setting? IMO, all the settings in MG were great.

IMO | Other Meanings

IMO commonly used for In My Opinion in texting but literal meaning for IMO is International Mathematics Olympiad. Some of the other IMOs are:

  • IMO – In My Opinion
  • IMO – International Maritime Organization
  • IMO – International Mathematics Olympiad
  • IMO – Imperial Oil, LTD.
  • IMO – In Memory Of
  • IMO – Internet Mail Only
  • IMO – In My Office
  • IMO – Instant Money Order
  • IMO – Irish Medical Organization
  • IMO – International Maritime Organization

IMO Examples

  • A: Where do you think we should go for dinner?
  • B: IMO, we should just have dessert at a nice restaurant.


  • A: Do you think which one will win?
  • B: IMO, B team!

IMO | Infographic

IMO Meaning: What Does IMO Mean? Useful ExamplesPin

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