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List of 36 Important Irregular Plural Nouns in English

List of 36 Important Irregular Plural Nouns in English

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Irregular Plural Nouns in English! Following are 36 important irregular plurals examples you should learn by heart to master your English grammar.

Basics of Irregular Plural Nouns

Irregular Plural Nouns

When we talk about irregular plural nouns, we are referring to words that don’t follow the typical pattern of adding an -s or -es to create their plural form. Interestingly, many of the nouns we use in conversation have irregular forms.

Here’s a simple breakdown to help us understand how these nouns behave:

  • Changing Vowels: Some nouns change their vowels instead of just adding a suffix. For example, the plural of man becomes men, and woman becomes women.
  • Invariable Nouns: These are words that remain the same in both singular and plural forms. One sheep is still sheep when there are more than one.
  • Irregular Suffixes: A few nouns adopt a different suffix or change their endings completely. For instance, the word child becomes children when plural.Here’s a quick list to illustrate some common transformations:
    Singular Plural
    mouse mice
    tooth teeth
    foot feet
    person people
    analysis analyses

Our knowledge of these irregularities mainly comes from usage and memory, as there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule that applies. We often find that words borrowed from other languages retain their native plural forms, adding to the diversity of our language. It’s through practice and exposure that we get familiar with these interesting exceptions in English grammar.

Spelling Rules for Irregular Plural Nouns

Irregular plural nouns can be tricky because they don’t follow a standard rule of simply adding -s or -es to the singular form to make them plural. Instead, they often change in more complex ways. We’ve put together a guide to help grasp these spelling changes.

Mutation of Vowels: Some nouns change their spelling by altering the vowel in the singular form when they become plural.

  • Man -> Men
  • Woman -> Women
  • Tooth -> Teeth
  • Goose -> Geese

Ending in ‘-f’ or ‘-fe’: Nouns that end in -f or -fe usually replace these endings with -ves in the plural form.

  • Wolf -> Wolves
  • Wife -> Wives
  • Leaf -> Leaves

Consonant Before ‘y’: If a noun ends in a consonant followed by y, change the “y” to “i” and add -es.

  • Baby -> Babies
  • City -> Cities

Irregular Endings: Some nouns have unique irregular plural forms that you need to memorize.

  • Child -> Children
  • Ox -> Oxen
  • Mouse -> Mice

No Change At All: A handful of nouns look the same in both singular and plural forms.

  • Sheep -> Sheep
  • Series -> Series
  • Species -> Species

Remember, the best way to master these irregularities is through practice and exposure to the language. Regular reading and writing will naturally reinforce these unique patterns. Keep a list handy for quick reference as we continue to encounter and learn more irregular plural nouns.

Irregular Plural Nouns List

Learn a list of 36 irregular plural nouns in English.

  • Ellipsis –> Ellipses
  • Codex –> Codices
  • Larva–> Larvae
  • Alumna –> Alumnae
  • Erratum –> Errata
  • Ox –> Oxen
  • Oasis –> Oases
  • Swine –> Swine
  • Trout –> Trout
  • Genus –> Genera
  • Diagnosis –> Diagnoses
  • Analysis –> Analyses
  • Man -> Men
  • Person -> People
  • Foot -> Feet
  • Tooth -> Teeth
  • Child -> Children
  • Mouse -> Mice
  • Sheep ->  Sheep
  • Fish ->  Fish
  • Leaf ->  Leaves
  • Goose ->  Geese
  • Woman ->  Women
  • Aircraft ->  Aircraft
  • Apex  ->  Apices
  • Bison -> Bison
  • Crisis ->  Crises
  • Curriculum ->  Curricula
  • Datum ->  Data
  • Focus ->  Foci
  • Series ->  Series
  • Vita ->  Vitae
  • Tuna ->  Tuna
  • Quiz ->  Quizzes
  • Index ->  Indices

Irregular Plurals | Image

Irregular Plural Nouns

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you teach children about irregular plural nouns effectively?

We find that using visuals, storytelling, and repetition can make lessons about irregular plural nouns engaging for children. Incorporating games and activities where they can use these nouns in context also reinforces their understanding.

Can you name some common irregular plurals that remain unchanged?

Certainly, some common irregular plurals that stay the same in their singular and plural forms are “sheep,” “fish,” “species,” and “aircraft.” It’s fascinating how these words do not alter their form.

What are the key rules to understand when forming irregular plural nouns?

One key rule is that there is no single rule for all irregular plurals. Some change vowel sounds like “man” to “men,” while others change the word entirely, such as “child” to “children.” Memorization and practice are our best advice for mastering these nouns.

Could you provide a list of irregular plural nouns used in everyday sentences?

We sure can! Words like “feet,” “teeth,” “geese,” “lives,” and “wives” are some irregular plurals we often use in day-to-day language.

What are some tools or worksheets available to practice irregular plural nouns?

Online education websites offer worksheets and quizzes to practice irregular plural nouns. We recommend looking for interactive exercises to enhance your learning experience.


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