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LOL Meaning: How Do You Define The Popular Acronym “LOL”?

LOL Meaning: How Do You Define The Popular Acronym “LOL”?

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What does LOL mean? “LOL” is an internet acronym that is widely used by internet users. In this article, you will learn the meaning and conversation examples of this trendy slang acronym.

LOL Meaning

What Does LOL Mean?

LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud.

Lol is one of the most common slang terms in electronic communications. It is used in instant messaging, texting and other electronic communication to indicate that something is humorous. It can be used as an interjection and a verb. Even though it means “laugh out loud”lol is mostly used to indicate smiling or slight amusement.

The acronym came about during the 1980s, and by 1993 it had an established use in early forms of electronic communication. LOL can be used in both writing and spoken language.

Other Meanings

  • LOL = Lots of Love
  • LOL = League of Legends (game)
  • LOL = Land of Love
  • LOL = Log On Later
  • LOL = Lots of Lemons
  • LOL = Loss of Lock
  • LOL = Life of the Land
  • LOL = Lord Oh Lord
  • LOL = Look of Love
  • LOL = Lots of Luck
  • LOL = Lord of Light
  • LOL = Little Old Lady
  • LOL = Labor of Love
  • LOL = Loads of Love
  • LOL = Lots of Laughs
  • LOL = Living on Love
  • LOL = Lap of Luxury
  • LOL = Life or Love
  • LOL = Living Our Lives
  • LOL = Lots of Laughter
  • LOL = Love of Life
  • LOL = Lying Out Loud
  • LOL = Lawyers on Line
  • LOL = Language of Love
  • LOL = Learn Online
  • LOL = Live Out Loud
  • LOL = Laws of Life
  • LOL = Love Our Lord
  • LOL = Lips on Lips
  • LOL = Look Out Loser
  • LOL = Love Out Loud

Similar Internet Slang

  • LMBO: laughing my butt off.
  • LMFAO: (A more obscene form of LMAO).
  • ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing.
  • LMAO: Laughing my ass off.
  • KEK: Kekekeke
  • ROGL: Rolling on the grass laughing.
  • BWL: Bursting with laughter

Conversation Examples

Example 1: conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Did you watch this show?
  • Friend 2: Yes, it is so funny. lol.

Example 2: conversation between two users.

  • User 1: This is so cute! My cat just stole the dog’s bed and now he’s looking at me like he’s saying do something! LOL!
  • User 2: LOL! The cat’s the alpha for sure! ROFLMAO.

LOL Meaning Infographic

LOL Meaning: How Do You Define The Popular Acronym "LOL"?