NBD Meaning: What Does NBD Stand For? Useful Examples

NBD Meaning! What does NBD mean? In this lesson, you will learn how to use the acronym NBD with useful definition and examples.


NBD Meaning

NBD stands for “Not Big Deal”

People often use this expression to show that something is not so important. This can be used to prioritize work or to let someone know that their mistake wasn’t so bad.

NBD | Other Meanings

  • Next Business Day
  • No Bloody Infantry
  • Neighborhood
  • New Business Development
  • National Board of Directors
  • Nervous Break Down
  • Network Block Devices
  • National Business Development
  • Never Back Down
  • Never Been Done
  • Negative Big Difference
  • Neighborhood Business District
  • Never Been Done

NBD | Examples

A: Oh, I forgot your book at home. So sorry, I’ll bring it to you tomorrow, definitely.

B: NBD, I read it already. You can bring it to me whenever you want.


A: We have appointment this evening but I have something to do, so I’m afraid I can’t. Sorry for that.

B: Oh, NBD, we can meet next time. Don’t worry.

NBD | Infographic

NBD Meaning: What Does NBD Stand For? Useful ExamplesPin

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