OMG Meaning: The Meaning and Examples of The Trendy Acronym “OMG”

OMG meaning! How often do you use the acronym “OMG” Do you know exactly what it means? In this article, you will learn the definition, other meanings and example sentences using “OMG”.

OMG Meaning

What Does OMG Mean?

OMG stands for Oh My God.

OMG means oh my God. It is a popular exclamation that usually indicates surprise, as in “OMG! I can’t believe that happened!” It is used especially in emails and on the Intern. OMG is one of the oldest and most common conversational acronyms. Although it is most often used by teenagers, OMG is popular among almost all age groups.

Other Meanings

  • OMG = Object Management Group
  • OMG = Oh My Gosh
  • OMG = Oh My Goodness
  • OMG = Old Man Gloom
  • OMG = Obama Must Go!
  • OMG = One More Game
  • OMG = Oh My Girl
  • OMG = Oh My Greek
  • OMG = Outta My Garden
  • OMG = Oh My Goat!
  • OMG = Oh My Goddess
  • OMG = Oh My Gender
  • OMG = Online Music Group

Examples Using OMG


  • OMG, is Steve Jobs is having a Bill Gates moment?
  • OMG can’t believe Shane has been knocked off too.
  • But I started the med routine and OMG I felt no pain.
  • Heartbreaking…I’m reading this article and saying OMG…This what happened to my son.
  • OMG, did you really talk on the phone for over five hours?”
  • OMG! she’s so beautiful!”
  • OMG! You’re so brave!”


  • Friend 1: This is my daughter, she’s 6 years old.
  • Friend 2: OMG, she’s so cute.

OMG Meaning Infographic

OMG Meaning: The Meaning and Examples of The Trendy Acronym "OMG" 2Pin

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