What are Positive Words? Top 200+ Positive Words to Inspire Your Day!

In the English language, there are distinct types of words, one of which is positive words. There are many types of words, but positive words are highly influential and are very powerful. The use of positive words in our language is extremely important to society in general. Lack of positive words in our lives can ultimately defeat us, and even cause death.

Positive Words

Every language uses some form of representation to convey feelings, ideas, actions, and thoughts. These can include symbols, pictures, gestures, or in the English language, words. Words are a series of letters that communicate what a person wants to convey to someone else, a group, or themselves. Words can be one letter long or several letters long, depending upon what word is being used to communicate.

What are Positive Words?

Positive words are words (a group of letters) that communicate feelings, actions, etc., of goodness, happiness, well-being, joy, etc. Positive words can be uplifting and make us happy, they can heal, encourage, bring laughter, and generally make people feel better about themselves or their circumstances. Positive words (in the form of thoughts or thought patterns) can bring about changes in a person, mental focus, physical health, anxiety level, and overall well-being.

When and How to Say Positive Words?

Positive words are meant to be said early and often. Positive words should not be used sparingly, and they should be authentic. To use positive words to manipulate or flatter to get something from someone else is considered misrepresentation because of the false intent of the person. The old adage “flattery gets you nowhere” is apropos to situations where people use positive words for personal gain. If a person is truly interested in encouraging, comforting, or simply conveying happiness and goodwill, that is considered making good use of positive words.

When to say positive words? Whenever you can. Make sure, however, that when you use positive words you use them carefully. Make sure the situation is right for the type of positive emotion you want to convey. A positive, caring word at a funeral is a good example. A positive word when someone is sick is another good example. A positive word in the midst of a violent, confrontational outburst may not be a good time. Another example of when to restrict use of positive words is when your audience is hostile, or resistant to positive ideas or emotions in general.

List of Positive Words

  • Wow
  • Joy
  • Helpful
  • Honest
  • Imaginative
  • Incredible
  • Independent
  • Individual
  • Industrious
  • Initiator
  • Insightful
  • Sunny
  • Effective
  • Popular
  • Composed
  • Compassionate
  • Communicative
  • Committed
  • Commend
  • Charming
  • Champion
  • Calm
  • Brilliant
  • Assertive
  • Artistic
  • Articulate
  • Angelic

Positive Words | Infographic

What are Positive Words? Top 200+ Positive Words to Inspire Your Day!Pin

What are Positive Words? Top 200+ Positive Words to Inspire Your Day!Pin

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