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Possessive Pronouns: What is a Possessive Pronoun? Useful Examples

Possessive Pronouns: What is a Possessive Pronoun? Useful Examples

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Possessive Pronouns! In this lesson, you will learn the definition and how to use possessive pronouns in English to master your grammar.

Possessive Pronouns

What is a Possessive Pronoun?

Possessive pronouns are words used to indicate that something belongs to someone or has a direct relationship with someone else.

Possessive pronouns are:

  • Mine
  • Yours (singular)
  • Hers
  • His
  • Ours
  • Theirs
  • Yours (plural)

Possessive Pronouns Examples

This is my car, not your car.

=> This car is mine, not yours.

Examples with possessive pronoun – Mine:

  • This car is mine.
  • His ideas do not square with mine.
  • Her right hand is inches from mine.
  • Her parents were far more liberal than mine.
  • Hi, Joe. I’d like you to meet a friend of mine.
  • Sending you a kiss to say I’m glad that you are mine. Happy the day!
  • Better is the neighbor’s hen than mine.
  • He is not a friend of mine, only an acquaintance.

Examples with possessive pronoun – Yours:

  • You roll my log and I’ll roll yours.
  •  Is she a friend of yours?
  • Is Bob an old friend of yours?
  • Wishing you and yours a happy new year.
  • You probably picked up my keys instead of yours.
  • Our house is not comparable with yours.
  • She just bought a new car just like yours.

Examples with possessive pronoun – His:

  • This is my brother ‘s book. It’s his.
  • Is she a friend of his?
  • You probably picked up my keys instead of his.
  • This is our room, and his is just across the hall.

Examples with possessive pronoun – Hers:

  • That skirt of hers is positively indecent.
  • I dovetailed my work arrangements with hers.
  •  Your account of events corresponds with hers.
  •  Your account of events does not correspond with hers.
  • He entwined his fingers with hers and looked into her eyes.

Examples with possessive pronoun – Ours:

  • It is interesting to compare their situation and ours.
  • He lived in a gentler age than ours.
  • Your dormitory is no better than ours.
  • She became a lifelong friend of ours.
  • He summed up the way of ours in a few words.
  • We were left with the impression that the contract was ours if we wanted it.

Examples with possessive pronoun – Theirs:

  • How can we match our generosity against theirs?
  • Our problems pale into insignificance when compared to theirs.
  • His view eventually prevailed over theirs.
  • They looked at our pictures, but they didn’t show us theirs.
  • When our washing machine broke, our neighbors let us use theirs.
  • We’ve kept our end of the deal – let’s see if they keep theirs.
  • Other marriages might go stale , but not theirs.
  • We built a new house up against theirs.

Possessive Pronouns | Infographic

Possessive Pronouns: What is a Possessive Pronoun? Useful Examples