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List of 74 Useful Prepositional Phrase Examples with AT

List of 74 Useful Prepositional Phrase Examples with AT

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Prepositional Phrase Examples with AT! In this lesson, you will learn a list of 74 useful prepositional phrases with AT in English.

Understanding Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrase Examples

Definition of Prepositions

A preposition is a word that creates a relationship between other words. It’s like a bridge linking a noun or pronoun to the rest of the sentence. This connection can refer to a location, time, direction, cause, or manner. For instance, in the phrase “on the table,” “on” is the preposition connecting “table” to the rest of the sentence.

Examples of common prepositions include:

  • in
  • at
  • for
  • with
  • by
  • over
  • under

Role of ‘At’ in Prepositional Phrases

The word ‘at’ has a unique role when we use it in prepositional phrases. Primarily, it pinpoints specific locations or moments in time. When ‘at’ precedes a noun or pronoun, it forms a prepositional phrase that can modify a verb, noun, or adjective.

For example:

  • Location: We will meet at the cafe.
  • Time: They start work at 9 a.m.

In each of these examples, the phrase beginning with ‘at’ provides us with additional information that makes the meaning of the sentence more precise.

Using ‘at’ correctly can be a bit tricky, as it sometimes seems interchangeable with other prepositions like ‘in’ or ‘on.’ But with practice and attention to detail, we can master its applications in our phrases.

Common Uses of ‘At’

We often use the preposition ‘at’ to indicate specific instances or places. It helps in pinpointing exact locations, times, events, as well as activities or actions.

Location and Places

When referring to particular places or points of interest, ‘at’ is essential. For instance:

Geographical Locations

  • At the corner
  • At the bus stop


  • At the library
  • At the supermarket

Time and Events

‘At’ helps specify when something occurs, especially for set times and during events:

Specific Times

  • At 6 PM
  • At midnight


  • At the party
  • At the meeting

Activities and Actions

This preposition also identifies participation in activities or actions:


  • At a conference
  • At a workshop


  • At work
  • At ease

In each usage, ‘at’ serves as a marker for clarity and precision, leading us to understand the when and where in the contexts provided.

Prepositional Phrase Examples with AT

Learn Prepositional Phrase List with AT in English.

Prepositional Phrase Example Sentence
at high speed The sports car was traveling at high speed when it passed us.
at risk The endangered species are at risk of extinction.
at one’s side She always felt more confident with her best friend at her side.
at a fraction of I bought the designer dress at a fraction of the original price.
at the outset At the outset of the project, everyone was full of enthusiasm.
at the end At the end of the movie, the audience was in tears.
at sight The puppy was love at sight for the family.
at the double The soldiers moved at the double to their next position.
at one time At one time, this area was a bustling marketplace.
at a disadvantage Playing against a more experienced team put us at a disadvantage.
at a discount Members can purchase the products at a discount.
at a distance The lighthouse could be seen at a distance from the shore.
at a glance I knew at a glance that something was wrong.
at a guess At a guess, I’d say there were about 50 people at the event.
at a loose end I was at a loose end, so I decided to go for a walk.
at a loss I’m at a loss to explain why he acted that way.
at a low ebb After the defeat, team morale was at a low ebb.
at a moment’s notice Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.
at a price You can achieve success, but often at a price.
at a rate of The car was consuming fuel at a rate of 10 miles per gallon.
at a speed of The train was traveling at a speed of 100 miles per hour.
at a standstill Traffic was at a standstill during the rush hour.
at all costs We need to avoid failure at all costs.
at all events At all events, we’ll meet up tomorrow to discuss the plan.
at an advantage With his extensive experience, he is at an advantage in the job market.
at any cost I need to finish this task at any cost.
at any rate At any rate, we must make a decision by the end of the day.
at breakfast We discussed the plans at breakfast.
at ease He felt at ease in the comfortable surroundings of the cabin.
at face value Don’t take everything he says at face value; he tends to exaggerate.
at fault The driver at fault for the accident apologized profusely.
at full strength The team hasn’t been at full strength due to injuries.
at hand Keep your phone at hand in case we need to contact you.
at heart She is an adventurer at heart and loves to explore new places.
at home I feel completely at home in the countryside.
at issue The point at issue is whether the policy will benefit the majority.
at large The suspect is still at large and considered dangerous.
at least At least try to be on time for the interview.
at length They discussed the problem at length but couldn’t find a solution.
at liberty You’re at liberty to choose whichever color you prefer for the walls.
at most The repairs will cost $200 at most.
at night The stars are visible at night.
at noon Let’s meet at noon for lunch.
at odds with His behavior is at odds with the company’s values.
at once Please come here at once; it’s urgent.
at one’s best She’s at her best when she’s performing live on stage.
at one’s discretion Use the bonus at your discretion.
at one’s disposal You have our full range of facilities at your disposal.
at one’s leisure Please review the document at your leisure.
at one’s request The song was played at the bride’s request.
at peace The country has been at peace for several decades.
at war The two nations have been at war for years.
at play The children are safe and at play in the fenced yard.
at present At present, we do not have the capacity to take on more work.
at random Names were chosen at random from the list of applicants.
at sea The sailors have been at sea for months.
at the front of She sat at the front of the class to hear the teacher better.
at the age of He started playing piano at the age of five.
at the beginning At the beginning of the book, the author provides some context.
at the expense of Don’t improve your own reputation at the expense of others.
at the foot of The village lies at the foot of the mountain.
at the hands of The hero faced defeat at the hands of the villain.
at the height of The artist was at the height of her career when she produced the famous work.
at the latest I need the report by Monday at the latest.
at the mercy of The small boat was at the mercy of the stormy sea.
at the peak of The athlete was at the peak of his performance during the championship.
at the same time You can’t be in two places at the same time.
at the thought of She shuddered at the thought of eating raw fish.
at the time of At the time of the incident, I was at home.
at the top of His name is at the top of the list.
at this juncture At this juncture, we need to be cautious with our investments.
at times At times, I feel like giving up, but then I remember my goals.
at war with The character was at war with his inner demons.
at work The construction crew is at work on the new highway extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you identify a prepositional phrase in a sentence?

To identify a prepositional phrase in a sentence, we look for a group of words starting with a preposition and ending with a noun or pronoun, which is the object of the preposition. ‘At’ is one such preposition that often indicates a specific time or place.

What are some common examples of sentences starting with a prepositional phrase that includes ‘at’?

Some examples of sentences starting with a prepositional phrase that includes ‘at’ are “At the stroke of midnight, the party came alive” and “At the sound of the bell, students rushed out of the classroom.”

Can you provide a list of sentences that contain prepositional phrases with ‘at’?

Certainly! Here are sentences with prepositional phrases including ‘at’:

  • We laughed at the comedian’s jokes.
  • She’s skilled at playing the violin.
  • He met his friends at the mall.
  • They arrived at the wedding right at the start.
  • The cat sat at the window, watching the world outside.

How do prepositional phrases add meaning to the sentences they are used in?

Prepositional phrases add meaning to sentences by specifying when, where, why, or how something happens. For instance, ‘at noon’ tells us when, and ‘at the corner’ tells us where.

What role does ‘at’ play when it is used as a preposition in a phrase?

When ‘at’ is used as a preposition, it typically indicates a specific point or place, as in “at the crossroads,” or a specific time, like “at 5 o’clock.” It pinpoints a precise location or moment within a larger context.