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Prepositional Phrase: List of Useful Prepositional Phrases in English

Prepositional Phrase: List of Useful Prepositional Phrases in English

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Prepositional Phrase! A prepositional phrase is a group of words that lacks either a verb or a subject, and that functions as a unified part of speech. In this lesson, you will learn important prepositional phrase list in English.

Basics of Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrase: List of Useful Prepositional Phrases in English

When we explore the structure of a sentence, we often encounter prepositional phrases. These are simply groups of words that start with a preposition and end with the object of that preposition, which can be a noun, pronoun, gerund, or even a clause.

The preposition typically indicates a relationship, such as direction, time, or location, between its object and another part of the sentence. For example, in the phrase “at the beginning,” “at” is the preposition and “beginning” is its object.

Here’s what we need to remember about prepositional phrases:

  • They must start with a preposition.
  • They must end with an object of the preposition.

The structure of a basic prepositional phrase looks like this:

  • Preposition + Modifier (optional) + Noun/Pronoun/Gerund/Clause

Modifiers are words like adjectives or adverbs that provide more information about the object. Here’s an illustration to make this clear:

Preposition Modifier Object
in the morning
on a sunny day
with utmost care

We use prepositional phrases to add detail to our sentences, making them more informative and interesting by clarifying whenwherehow, and why something happens. Look out for these phrases—they’re an essential tool in our language toolbox!

Prepositional Phrase

Prepositional Phrases – BY

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
by chance I met my old school teacher by chance at the supermarket.
by the name of There’s a new student in our class by the name of Emily.
by luck By luck, we got the last tickets to the concert.
by accident The files were deleted by accident, and we had to restore them from a backup.
by air The package was sent by air and arrived within a few days.
by sea Many goods are transported by sea as it’s cost-effective for large quantities.
by land We traveled by land across Europe, visiting several countries along the way.
by all accounts By all accounts, the movie is going to be this year’s biggest hit.
by all means Please, by all means, help yourself to more dessert.
by any standard By any standard, the new building is an architectural masterpiece.
by appointment The gallery viewings are by appointment only.
by birth She is an American by birth, though she has lived abroad for many years.
by check The customers preferred to pay by check for their purchases.
by coincidence By coincidence, we both wore the same dress to the party.
by courtesy of The concert was made possible by courtesy of the local business sponsors.
by definition A bachelor is, by definition, an unmarried man.
by degrees The days grew warmer by degrees as spring approached.
by design The garden was beautiful by design, with every plant carefully chosen.
by dint of He achieved success by dint of hard work and determination.
by far She is by far the best player on the team.
by force The door had to be opened by force after the lock jammed.
by hand The invitations were written by hand for a personal touch.
by heart He knew the poem by heart and could recite it without looking.
by law By law, you are required to wear a seatbelt when driving.
by marriage She became a member of the royal family by marriage.
by means of They communicated by means of sign language.
by mistake I took your keys by mistake when I left the house.
by my watch By my watch, we still have five minutes before the meeting starts.
by nature She is by nature a very caring individual.
by no means The task is difficult but by no means impossible.
by oneself He prefers to work by oneself, focusing better in solitude.
by order of The court was adjourned by order of the judge.
by process of The decision was made by process of elimination.
by profession She is an engineer by profession, but her hobby is painting.
by reason of He retired early by reason of ill health.
by request The band played our favorite song by request.
by rights By rights, the oldest sibling should inherit the title, but that was not the case.
by sight I can recognize him by sight, but we’ve never spoken.
by surprise The sudden thunderstorm caught everyone by surprise.
by the side of She sat by the side of her grandmother, holding her hand.
by virtue of He won the award by virtue of his innovative research.
by way of We’ll be traveling to the conference by way of Chicago.

Prepositional Phrases – AT

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
at high speed The sports car zoomed past us at high speed.
at risk Patients with compromised immune systems are at risk for infections.
at one’s side Throughout the ordeal, her loyal friend was always at her side.
at a fraction of I bought the designer dress at a fraction of the original price during the sale.
at the outset At the outset of the project, we established clear goals.
at the end At the end of the book, there was a surprising twist.
at sight He fell in love with her at sight.
at the double The soldiers moved at the double when they heard the urgent command.
at one time At one time, this area was a bustling marketplace.
at a disadvantage Starting the race with a sprained ankle put her at a disadvantage.
at a discount Members can purchase the software at a discount.
at a distance The lighthouse could be seen at a distance, guiding ships safely to shore.
at a glance At a glance, I could tell that the document was incomplete.
at a guess At a guess, I’d say there were about 200 people at the concert.
at a loss After the sudden closure of the shop, the employees were at a loss for what to do next.
at a low ebb His confidence was at a low ebb after the failed presentation.
at a moment’s notice The emergency team is trained to respond at a moment’s notice.
at a price You can have convenience, but often at a price to your privacy.
at a rate of The tree grows at a rate of about 12 inches per year.
at a speed of The train was traveling at a speed of 100 miles per hour.
at a standstill Traffic was at a standstill during the rush hour gridlock.
at all costs He was determined to win the race at all costs.
at all events At all events, we’ll meet up to discuss the plan tomorrow.
at an advantage With her extensive experience, she was at an advantage in the job interview.
at any cost The company wanted to avoid bankruptcy at any cost.
at any rate At any rate, we must finish the project by the deadline.
at breakfast He reads the newspaper at breakfast every morning.
at ease She felt at ease in the friendly atmosphere of the café.
at face value You shouldn’t always take rumors at face value.
at fault The driver was found to be at fault for the accident.
at full strength The team hasn’t been at full strength since several players are injured.
at hand Keep your phone at hand in case we need to contact you.
at heart He’s a city dweller now but a country boy at heart.
at home She feels completely at home in the new environment.
at issue The point at issue is not whether to change the law, but how to implement it.
at large The escaped prisoner is still at large.
at least At least a hundred people attended the seminar.
at length After much consideration, she at length decided to accept the job offer.
at liberty You are at liberty to choose whichever color you prefer.
at most The meeting will last two hours at most.
at night The city looks completely different at night.
at noon Let’s meet at noon for lunch.
at odds with His version of events is at odds with the evidence.
at once Please come here at once; it’s urgent.
at one’s best She’s at her best when she’s performing live on stage.
at one’s discretion You may leave the room at one’s discretion during the test.
at one’s disposal As a hotel guest, you have the pool and gym at one’s disposal.
at one’s leisure You can complete the assignment at one’s leisure over the weekend.
at one’s request The report was compiled at one’s request for the meeting.
at peace After resolving their differences, the two countries were at peace.
at war The novel is set during a time when the kingdom was at war.
at play Children were at play in the park, laughing and running around.
at present At present, we do not have the resources to undertake a new project.
at random Names will be chosen at random for the prize draw.
at sea He felt completely at sea with the new computer system.
at the front of She sat at the front of the classroom to hear the lecture better.
at the age of He learned to play the piano at the age of five.
at the beginning At the beginning of the story, the protagonist moves to a new city.
at the expense of She pursued her career at the expense of her personal life.
at the foot of The village is located at the foot of the mountain.
at the hands of The hero faced defeat at the hands of his arch-nemesis.
at the height of The artist was at the height of his fame in the 1980s.
at the latest Please send me the report by 5 PM at the latest.
at the mercy of The small boat was at the mercy of the stormy seas.
at the peak of The athlete was at the peak of his performance during the championship.
at the same time She has the ability to listen to music and read at the same time.
at the thought of She shuddered at the thought of speaking in front of a large audience.
at the time of At the time of the incident, no witnesses were present.
at the top of The flag flew proudly at the top of the pole.
at this juncture At this juncture, we need to make a strategic decision.
at times The job can be incredibly stressful at times.
at war with The two companies have been at war with each other over patent infringements.
at work The construction crew is at work on the new highway extension.

Prepositional Phrases – FOR

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
for a good cause She ran the marathon for a good cause, supporting local charities.
for the benefit of The new policies were implemented for the benefit of all employees.
for a reason He never does anything without doing it for a reason.
for a change Let’s go out for dinner for a change instead of cooking at home.
for certain I know for certain that she will be at the party.
for fear of She locked her doors for fear of burglars.
for good He moved away and said it was for good this time.
for granted You shouldn’t take your parents’ support for granted.
for hire The sign on the truck said “For Hire,” so we knew we could rent it for moving day.
for lack of The plant died for lack of water.
for life They were best friends for life.
for love He did it all for love, without expecting anything in return.
for my For my part, I believe we should wait before making a decision.
for real Are you for real? That’s the most incredible story I’ve ever heard!
for the good of The decision was made for the good of the community.
for the sake of For the sake of clarity, please speak more slowly.
for want of For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.
from experience I’m telling you from experience, it’s not as easy as it looks.
from memory She recited the poem from memory without missing a single word.

Prepositional Phrases – WITHOUT

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
without doubt Without doubt, he is the best candidate for the job.
without a break She worked for ten hours straight without a break.
without a hitch The event went off without a hitch, much to the organizer’s relief.
without delay Please send the package without delay.
without exception All students, without exception, must complete the assignment by Friday.
without fail He visits his grandmother without fail every Sunday.
without foundation The rumors about the company were without foundation and soon dispelled.
without precedent The court’s decision was without precedent in the legal system.
without question She is without question the most dedicated volunteer we have.
without respite The city was bombarded without respite during the war.
without warning The storm hit without warning, catching everyone by surprise.

Prepositional Phrases – IN

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
in time He arrived in time for the meeting.
in the forefront of She was in the forefront of the movement.
in demand The product is in high demand.
in of focus He was in of focus during the presentation.
in of one’s element She was in of her element at the dance competition.
in of prison The criminal was in of prison for many years.
in of season The flowers bloom in of season.
in of stock The item is in of stock at the store.
in of touch The painting is in of touch with the artist’s vision.
in of use The tool is in of use for the project.
in difficulty They were in difficulty after the car broke down.
in sight (of) The treasure was in sight of the explorers.
in a deep sleep The baby is in a deep sleep.
in a flash He completed the race in a flash.
in a heap The clothes were in a heap on the floor.
in a hurry She left in a hurry to catch the bus.
in a mess The room was in a mess after the party.
in a pile The books were in a pile on the desk.
in a sense In a sense, we are all responsible.
in a temper He left the room in a temper.
in abeyance The project is in abeyance until further notice.
in abundance The garden is in abundance of flowers.
in accordance with The decision was made in accordance with the rules.
in action The plan was put in action.
in addition to In addition to the cake, there were also cookies.
in advance Please let me know in advance if you can make it.
in agony She was in agony after the accident.
in agreement with The statement is in agreement with the facts.
in aid of The concert was in aid of charity.
in all likelihood In all likelihood, they will arrive soon.
in an instant The car stopped in an instant.
in an uproar The crowd was in an uproar after the decision.
in answer to She replied in answer to the question.
in anticipation of The team trained hard in anticipation of the match.
in arrears He is in arrears with his rent.
in awe of The audience was in awe of the performance.
in blossom The trees are in blossom in spring.
in brief The summary was in brief.
in bulk The items were purchased in bulk.
in cash The payment was made in cash.
in character Her actions were in character with her beliefs.
in charge of He is in charge of the project.
in code The message was in code.
in collaboration with The report was written in collaboration with the team.
in combination with The medicine works best in combination with exercise.
in comfort The baby slept in comfort.
in command of She is in command of the situation.
in common The two friends have a lot in common.
in comparison with In comparison with last year, sales have increased.
in compensation for He received compensation for the damage.
in conclusion In conclusion, I believe we should move forward.
in confidence She spoke in confidence to her friend.
in confinement The prisoner was in confinement.
in confusion The instructions caused confusion.
in conjunction with The event was organized in conjunction with the sponsors.
in connection with In connection with the investigation, we need more information.
in consequence of In consequence of the storm, the power went out.
in contact with He was in contact with the supplier.
in contrast with The new building is in contrast with the old one.
in control of She is in control of her emotions.
in convoy The trucks traveled in convoy.
in custody The suspect was in custody.
in danger The hikers were in danger on the cliff.
in debt He is in debt to his friend.
in decline The company is in decline.
in defense of He spoke in defense of his actions.
in detail The report explained in detail.
in disgrace He left the room in disgrace.
in disguise The spy was in disguise at the party.
in disorder The room was in disorder after the party.
in dispute The neighbors were in dispute over the property line.
in distress They were in distress after the accident.
in doubt She was in doubt about the decision.
in due course The results will be available in due course.
in duplicate The file was sent in duplicate.
in earnest She spoke in earnest about her concerns.
in effect The new law is in effect.
in error The message was sent in error.
in essence In essence, the project is about helping others.
in excess of The budget is in excess of what was planned.
in exchange for She gave him her old car in exchange for help with the housework.
in existence This is the oldest building still in existence in the town.
in fact In fact, I have already completed the assignment.
in fairness to In fairness to Sam, he did try to finish the project on time.
in favor of The committee voted in favor of the new policy.
in fear of They lived in fear of being discovered.
in flames The building was in flames before the firefighters arrived.
in flower The garden is in flower during the spring.
in full She paid the bill in full.
in future In future, please check your work for errors before submitting.
in gear Make sure the car is in gear before you start driving.
in general In general, people tend to prefer warmer climates.
in good condition The second-hand bike was in good condition.
in good faith He entered the agreement in good faith.
in hand I have the situation in hand, so there’s no need to worry.
in harmony with The new addition to the building is in harmony with the original design.
in haste She left the note in haste and forgot to sign her name.
in hiding The witness was in hiding until the trial.
in high spirits After receiving good news, they were all in high spirits.
in honor of A banquet was held in honor of the visiting dignitaries.
in horror She gasped in horror when she saw the spider.
in ink Please fill out the form in ink.
in pencil You can do the crossword puzzle in pencil if you’re not confident.
in isolation The patient is in isolation due to a contagious illness.
in its infancy The technology is still in its infancy and has a long way to go.
in jeopardy The severe weather put the hikers in jeopardy.
in keeping with The decorations were in keeping with the Christmas theme.
in labor She went to the hospital because she was in labor.
in league with The corrupt official was in league with the smugglers.
in length The two friends spoke in length about their future plans.
in line with The new regulations are in line with current safety standards.
in love with He’s been in love with her since they were teenagers.
in memory of The monument was erected in memory of those who died in the war.
in mid-air The magician seemed to float in mid-air.
in mind Keep in mind that the deadline is this Friday.
in moderation You can enjoy sweets in moderation without harming your health.
in mourning The whole town was in mourning after the tragic event.
in name He was the leader in name, but others held the real power.
in office The president achieved a lot while in office.
in one’s absence Decisions were made in her absence that she didn’t agree with.
in one’s spare time He likes to build model airplanes in his spare time.
in operation The new factory has been in operation for a year now.
in opposition to There were many protests in opposition to the proposed law.
in origin The tradition is French in origin.
in other words He’s not the friendliest person, in other words, he’s quite rude.
in pain After the surgery, the patient was still in pain.
in Parliament The bill was passed in Parliament last week.
in particular I would like to know more about the history of the city, in particular the medieval period.
in person You must apply for the license in person.
in pieces The vase fell to the floor and broke in pieces.
in place of She attended the meeting in place of her boss.
in possession of The suspect was found in possession of stolen goods.
in poverty Many families live in poverty in this area.
in practice In practice, the new system is more complicated than the old one.
in preference to He chose to play football in preference to studying.
in preparation for The athletes are training hard in preparation for the Olympics.
in principle In principle, I agree with the idea, but I doubt it will work.
in private The two leaders met in private before the conference.
in progress Road repairs are in progress, which might cause delays.
in proportion to The punishment should be in proportion to the crime.
in public It’s not polite to argue in public.
in pursuit of She traveled the world in pursuit of happiness.
in quantity The product is available in quantity for those wishing to purchase in bulk.
in question The book in question was last seen on the desk.
in reality The job seemed easy, but in reality, it was quite difficult.
in recognition of The award was given in recognition of his outstanding achievements.
in relation to Her performance was excellent in relation to the other competitors.
in reply to In reply to your request, we have shipped the items today.
in reserve Keep some funds in reserve for unexpected expenses.
in residence The ambassador is currently in residence at the embassy.
in respect of The company was fined in respect of environmental violations.
in response to In response to customer feedback, we have updated our return policy.
in retrospect In retrospect, I should have taken the job offer.
in return I did him a favor, and in return, he helped me move to my new apartment.
in revenge for He played a prank on his brother in revenge for the earlier trick.
in reverse You put the batteries in reverse; they should be the other way around.
in ruins The ancient castle now lies in ruins.
in safety The children were escorted in safety across the road.
in sb’s interest It’s in your interest to start saving money now for your retirement.
in sb’s opinion In my opinion, the movie was even better than the book.
in search of They went in search of a new place to live.
in secret They planned the surprise party in secret.
in self-defense She claimed that she acted in self-defense when she struck the assailant.
in settlement of The payment was made in settlement of the debt.
in short In short, we need to improve our sales strategy.
in silence The audience waited in silence for the performance to begin.
in small change Could you give me that in small change? I need coins for the parking meter.
in store for You never know what life has in store for you.
in succession Three kings ruled the land in succession.
in support of The rally was held in support of human rights.
in suspense The cliffhanger ending left viewers in suspense until the next episode.
in sympathy with The company expressed that they were in sympathy with the victims’ families.
in tears She was in tears after hearing the sad news.
in terms of In terms of salary, the job was fantastic, but it was too demanding.
in terror The villagers fled in terror from the erupting volcano.
in the absence of In the absence of clear instructions, we had to guess how to assemble the furniture.
in the aftermath In the aftermath of the storm, many homes needed repairs.
in the balance His fate hung in the balance as the jury deliberated.
in the case of In the case of an emergency, please dial 911.
in the course of In the course of the investigation, new evidence came to light.
in the distance We could see the mountains in the distance.
in the event of In the event of a fire, use the stairs instead of the elevator.
in the extreme His reaction was in the extreme, considering the situation was not that serious.
in the eyes of In the eyes of the law, everyone should be treated equally.
in the flesh It was exciting to meet the celebrity in the flesh.
in the form of Assistance came in the form of food and medical supplies.
in the habit of He’s in the habit of taking a walk every morning.
in the interests of In the interests of safety, please do not run in the hallways.
in the lead She’s in the lead for the role in the school play.
in the light of In the light of new information, we will need to revise our strategy.
in the long run Investing in education pays off in the long run.
in the making The movie was ten years in the making.
in the meantime The doctor will see you in an hour; in the meantime, you can wait in the lounge.
in the midst of They were in the midst of a heated argument when I arrived.
in the mood for Are you in the mood for Chinese food tonight?
in the name of Many atrocities have been committed in the name of progress.
in the night The stars shone brightly in the night sky.
in the open After the secret was out, everything was discussed in the open.
in the process of We are in the process of updating our computer systems.
in the right She always believes she’s in the right, even when evidence proves otherwise.
in the seclusion of The writer worked in the seclusion of his mountain cabin.
in the shade It’s hot today; let’s sit in the shade under that tree.
in the space of He finished the task in the space of an hour.
in the wake of In the wake of the scandal, the CEO resigned.
in the way of There is nothing in the way of progress now that the issue has been resolved.
in the wrong I think you’re in the wrong here; you should apologize.
in theory In theory, the plan should work, but we need to test it in practice.
in time for We arrived just in time for the movie’s opening scene.
in times of In times of crisis, it’s important to stay calm.
in town When you’re in town next time, let’s meet up.
in trouble He found himself in trouble when he forgot to submit the report on time.
in tune with The new policy is in tune with the company’s commitment to sustainability.
in turmoil The country was in turmoil after the government was overthrown.
in turn Each team member, in turn, shared their thoughts on the project.
in two minds I’m in two minds about buying the expensive dress; it’s lovely, but I don’t really need it.
in twos The students lined up in twos to enter the auditorium.
in uniform The soldiers were all in uniform during the parade.
in unison The choir sang in unison, creating a powerful sound.
in vain All attempts to contact him were in vain.
in view of In view of the late hour, we decided to postpone the meeting.
in vogue Wearing vintage clothes is currently in vogue.
in words Can you explain the problem in words I can understand?

Prepositional Phrases – ON

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
on watch The soldiers were on watch throughout the night, looking out for any signs of movement.
on schedule The construction project is on schedule and is expected to be completed by June.
on the record The CEO’s comments were on the record, and they were quoted in the press release.
on the road They’ve been on the road for hours, driving to their vacation destination.
on oath The witness testified on oath that she saw the defendant at the scene of the crime.
on pain of The sign warned trespassers to keep out on pain of prosecution.
on the air The radio host announced that they would be on the air in five minutes.
on balance On balance, the benefits of the new policy outweigh the drawbacks.
on a diet He’s been on a diet for a month and has already lost 10 pounds.
on a journey The travelers were on a journey across the desert.
on a trip They went on a trip to Europe to explore several countries.
on a large scale The company manufactures electronic components on a large scale.
on a small scale She runs a boutique that sells handmade jewelry on a small scale.
on a pension My grandfather retired last year and is now living on a pension.
on a regular basis The team meets on a regular basis to discuss project progress.
on a spree She went on a shopping spree after receiving her bonus.
on account of School was canceled on account of the heavy snowfall.
on an expedition The scientist went on an expedition to the Arctic for research purposes.
on an island They spent their summer vacation on an island in the Caribbean.
on approval The customers were allowed to take the clothes home on approval before finalizing the purchase.
on average On average, the company’s employees work about 40 hours a week.
on bail The accused was released on bail until his trial date.
on behalf of I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire team for your hard work.
on board All passengers are on board, and the flight is ready for takeoff.
on business He is traveling to New York on business for a week.
on condition that You can borrow my car on condition that you return it with a full tank of gas.
on credit Many shoppers buy expensive items on credit and pay for them over time.
on display The museum has a new exhibit on display featuring ancient artifacts.
on edge The suspenseful movie had everyone on edge until the very end.
on end She can work for hours on end without taking a break.
on file Your application is on file, and we will contact you if a suitable position opens up.
on fire The building was on fire, and firefighters rushed to the scene.
on foot After the car broke down, they had to continue their journey on foot.
on good terms Even after the divorce, they remained on good terms for the sake of their children.
on guard The security guard was on guard all night, watching the surveillance cameras.
on hand We have a doctor on hand in case any of the marathon runners need medical assistance.
on horseback They explored the countryside on horseback, enjoying the scenic views.
on impulse She bought the expensive dress on impulse, without thinking about the cost.
on leave The soldier was on leave for two weeks to visit his family.
on loan The artwork is on loan from a private collection for the duration of the exhibition.
on no account On no account should you open this door while the machinery is in operation.
on occasion On occasion, we like to dine at a fancy restaurant for a special treat.
on one’s terms He wanted to negotiate the deal on one’s terms to ensure a favorable outcome.
on one’s own She decided to start her own business and become her own boss on one’s own.
on one’s own initiative She organized the community cleanup on one’s own initiative, without being asked.
on order The new laptops are on order and should arrive by next month.
on paper The plan looks good on paper, but we need to test it in practice.
on parade The soldiers were on parade, marching in perfect formation.
on patrol The police officers were on patrol when they received the call about the burglary.
on principle He refused the offer on principle because he didn’t agree with the company’s ethics.
on purpose He knocked over the glass on purpose to get everyone’s attention.
on reflection On reflection, she realized that taking the job would be a good career move.
on remand The suspect was held on remand until the court could hear his case.
on sale The winter coats were on sale, so I bought one at a great price.
on second thoughts On second thoughts, I think I will come to the party with you.
on show The latest models of smartphones were on show at the tech convention.
on strike The factory workers went on strike to demand better pay and conditions.
on suspicion of He was arrested on suspicion of committing the robbery.
on the agenda Climate change is on the agenda for today’s meeting.
on the assumption They proceeded on the assumption that the missing documents would be found.
on the brink of The company was on the brink of bankruptcy before the new CEO turned it around.
on the dot The meeting started at 9 AM on the dot, as scheduled.
on the edge of The hikers were on the edge of a steep cliff, enjoying the breathtaking view.
on the eve of On the eve of the election, the candidates made their final appeals to voters.
on the grounds of He was dismissed from his position on the grounds of misconduct.
on the horizon There are dark clouds on the horizon, so it looks like rain is coming.
on the hour The bus arrives on the hour, every hour, throughout the day.
on the increase Cybersecurity threats are on the increase, prompting companies to invest in better protection.
on the job He received on the job training during his first week of work.
on the move The nomadic tribe is constantly on the move, searching for new grazing lands.
on the off-chance I’ll bring an umbrella on the off-chance that it rains later.
on the outskirts They live on the outskirts of the city, where the houses have bigger gardens.
on the part of There was a lack of communication on the part of the management team.
on the phone She’s been on the phone for over an hour discussing the contract details.
on the point of He was on the point of giving up when he finally solved the puzzle.
on the run The small startup is always on the run, chasing new opportunities for growth.
on the strength of She was hired on the strength of her impressive portfolio and experience.
on the stroke of The celebration begins on the stroke of midnight.
on the tip of His name is on the tip of my tongue, but I just can’t remember it.
on the top of There’s a lovely café on the top of the hill with a panoramic view of the city.
on the understanding that We agreed to the terms on the understanding that they would be met without delay.
on the verge of The team was on the verge of victory when the opposing team scored a last-minute goal.
on the way to We stopped for coffee on the way to the conference.
on time The train arrived on time, to the relief of the commuters.
on tiptoe She walked on tiptoe to avoid waking the baby.
on trial The new medication is on trial to determine its effectiveness.
on vacation They’re currently on vacation in Hawaii, enjoying the beaches and sun.

Prepositional Phrases – OUT

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
out of fashion Bell-bottom jeans are out of fashion now.
out of print Her first novel has been out of print for several years.
out of step The new policies are out of step with the community’s needs.
out of breath After running to catch the bus, she was out of breath.
out of context His comments were taken out of context and misconstrued.
out of control The car skidded and went out of control on the icy road.
out of curiosity Just out of curiosity, how did you learn to speak so many languages?
out of jealousy He made the negative comment out of jealousy.
out of date The information on the website is out of date and needs updating.
out of doors They spent the afternoon out of doors, enjoying the sunshine.
out of duty She visited her distant relatives out of duty, not because she wanted to.
out of hand The teacher needs to address the disruptive behavior before it gets out of hand.
out of ideas I’m out of ideas for what to do on my day off.
out of one’s mind You must be out of your mind to go skydiving in this weather!
out of order The elevator is out of order, so we’ll have to take the stairs.
out of pity He didn’t want to be invited out of pity, he wanted to be genuinely included.
out of place The modern sofa looks out of place in their Victorian-style home.
out of practice I haven’t played the piano in years; I’m really out of practice.
out of reach The jar was out of reach on the top shelf, so I needed a stool to get it.
out of respect for Out of respect for the speaker, please turn off your mobile phones.
out of sight Keep the medicine out of sight and reach of children.
out of spite He refused to cooperate out of spite, even though it would benefit him.
out of stock The new toy is so popular that it’s already out of stock.
out of the ordinary Seeing a deer in the city was certainly out of the ordinary.
out of the question Staying out until dawn is out of the question; you have school tomorrow.
out of work Many people became out of work during the economic downturn.

Prepositional Phrases List – TO

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
to the contrary Despite the rumors, the evidence points to the contrary.
to an extent I agree with you to an extent, but I think there are more factors to consider.
to date To date, this has been our most successful product launch.
to excess Eating to excess can lead to health problems.
to one’s astonishment To her astonishment, she won the lottery.
to one’s credit To his credit, he admitted his mistake and apologized.
to one’s dismay To her dismay, the cake she had spent all day baking fell apart.
to sb’s face He told the bad news to her face rather than calling her.
to this day To this day, she still wears the necklace her grandmother gave her.
to the accompaniment of They danced to the accompaniment of a live band.
to the best of To the best of my knowledge, the meeting is still scheduled for 3 PM.
to the detriment of He pursued his career to the detriment of his family life.
to the exclusion of She focused on her studies to the exclusion of all other activities.
to the full He believes in living life to the full.
to the satisfaction of The issue was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Prepositional Phrases – UNDER

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
under the circumstances Under the circumstances, I think you made the right decision.
under age She couldn’t get into the club because she was under age.
under arrest The suspect was placed under arrest and taken to the station.
under consideration Your application is still under consideration by the hiring committee.
under construction The new highway is under construction and will open next year.
under cover of The thieves entered the building under cover of darkness.
under discussion The terms of the agreement are currently under discussion.
under lock and key The confidential documents are kept under lock and key for security reasons.
under one’s protection The witness was under the protection of the police.
under orders The soldiers were under orders to hold their position.
under pressure She performs well under pressure and never misses a deadline.
under regulations The new drug is still under regulations and has not been approved for sale.
under repair The elevator is under repair; please use the stairs until further notice.
under strain The bridge is under strain from the heavy traffic.
under stress Many people are under stress due to their busy work schedules.
under suspicion The employee was under suspicion of embezzlement.
under the command of The troops were under the command of General Smith.
under the impression that I was under the impression that the meeting had been cancelled.
under the influence (of) He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.
under the misapprehension She was under the misapprehension that the event was formal, but it was actually casual.
under treatment The patient is currently under treatment for the condition.

Prepositional Phrases – WITH

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
with reference to With reference to your last email, we have updated your address in our records.
with success She completed the project with success and received commendations from her boss.
with a view to They purchased the property with a view to converting it into a guesthouse.
with an eye to He invests with an eye to the future, focusing on long-term gains.
with regard to With regard to your proposal, we have some concerns that need addressing.
with regret With regret, we must announce the cancellation of the event.
with respect to With respect to your inquiry, we will need additional time to provide a detailed response.
with the aid of With the aid of a good tutor, she improved her math scores significantly.
with the compliments of The meal was provided with the compliments of the chef.
with the exception of Everyone, with the exception of John, has agreed to the terms.
with the help of With the help of her friends, she managed to organize the charity event.
with the intention of He started the course with the intention of changing careers.

Prepositional Phrases – WITHIN

Prepositional Phrases Example Sentence
within earshot They spoke quietly to avoid being overheard by anyone within earshot.
within reason You can have any dessert you want, as long as it’s within reason and not too expensive.
within grasp The championship title is within grasp for the team after their latest victory.
within limits You can customize your meal within limits; some ingredients are not interchangeable.
within one’s budget She found a lovely dress that was within her budget.
within one’s power I will do everything within my power to help you succeed.
within one’s rights You are within your rights to refuse to answer the question.
within reach (of) The remote control is within reach of the sofa, so you don’t have to get up.
within sight The beach is within sight of our hotel room.
within walking distance The restaurant is within walking distance of the apartment.
within striking distance With only a few points behind, the team is within striking distance of the lead.

Prepositional Phrases List | Infographic

Prepositional Phrase: List of Useful Prepositional Phrases in English

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of phrases including prepositional phrases?

Prepositional phrases, along with noun phrases, verb phrases, and adjective phrases, are one of the key types of phrases in English. We use prepositional phrases to provide additional information about time, location, direction, or to modify another part of the sentence.

Can you list different parts of speech that are typically involved in prepositional phrases?

Typically, a prepositional phrase includes a preposition and its object, which can be a noun, pronoun, or gerund. We may also add modifiers to the object to provide more detail.

How can I identify a prepositional phrase within a sentence?

We can identify a prepositional phrase by locating the preposition, which often indicates location or time, and finding its object. For example, in the sentence “After the show, we went to the restaurant,” “After the show” is a prepositional phrase.

Could you provide some examples of sentences using prepositional phrases?

Sure! “The book on the desk belongs to her,” and “She looked under the table for her purse.” In these sentences, “on the desk” and “under the table” are prepositional phrases offering more details about the location of the objects.


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