OFC & SMH in Texting: Meaning and Example Sentences

What does SMH mean? and What does OFC mean? If someone texted you and put OFC or SMH in their message, you were probably left wondering what it meant. Although this acronym might not always bring any extra important information to the message, it can certainly add to the tone of the overall message. Check the lesson below and find out OFC & SMH meaning and usage.

What Does SMH Mean? | SMH Meaning

SMH Meaning

SMH Stands for “Shaking my Head

SMH is a popular online acronym that teens and young adults love to type into their social media posts or in text messages to express the same physical body language of shaking their head in disappointment, disagreement and/or disbelief.

It might be in response to somebody else’s behavior, an event that took place, or the state of a situation. Regardless of why, the only response you can muster is to shake your head.


  • “The media coverage on this story is just ridiculous. SMH.”
  • The Purple Eagles totally should’ve won that game! They had it when Pizzaburghenshire made that shot!! Smh.”
  • “Hey, Peter is absent today for going out with his girlfriend” – “Smh”
  • I need the car this Saturday, so you’ll have to find another way to get to your weekly Nakuro Dragonflame X meeting.” – SMH

What does SMH mean?| Infographic 


What Does OFC Mean? | OFC Meaning

OFC Meaning

OFC stands for: Of Course

OFC is really just a slightly more polite way to say “obviously.” It means that a piece of information should be easily understood or perceived.

 OFC Meaning? | Infographic 

OFC Meaning

  • Person A: Do you think we should send the assignment late?
  • Person B: OFC not!

By adding the word ‘not’ the meaning of your message completely shifts from a yes to a no. So if you want to tell someone ‘obviously no, or obviously not’, you can simply text ‘ofc not’.

  • Boss:  Jen, have you emailed the parcel to the company? They needed it urgently today.
  • Jen: Ofc I have, sir.

The best place to use ‘ofc’ while texting is when talking to friends or someone you don’t have a formal relationship with. For instance, when messaging your parents, you can write ofc, but you would probably have to send them an explanation of what you just said. There are chances that they, just like you did not know the meaning of this new texting slang.

Other terms relating to ‘shaking’:

  • SMDH = Shaking My Damn Head
  • SMGDH = Shaking My God Damn Head
  • SMHID = Shaking My Head In Despair
  • SMHL = Shaking My Head Laughing

Other terms relating to ‘head’:

  • /O\ = Frustrated, hands on head
  • AIRHEAD = Stupid person
  • ALPHA = Head person of a group
  • BH = Be Happy/ Bloody Hell/ Big Head
  • CIMH = Chuckle In My Head
  • CLUBHEAD = Person who goes to clubs a lot
  • H2T = Head To Toe
  • HEADS = People
  • HEADS UP = Advance notice
  • HHIS = Hanging Head In Shame
  • HOH = Head Over Heels
  • HS = Headshot
  • HUD = Heads-Up Display
  • IMH = In My Head
  • IYH = In Your Head
  • LIH = Laugh In Head
  • LIMH = Laughing In My Head
  • LMHO = Laughing My Head Off
  • LOAF = Head
  • MEATHEAD = Muscular, but thick, person
  •  MOP = Hair on head
  • MUGSHOT = Head and shoulders picture

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