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50 Important Subordinating Conjunctions in English Grammar

50 Important Subordinating Conjunctions in English Grammar

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Subordinating Conjunctions! In this lesson, you will learn a list of commonly used subordinating conjunctions with example sentences.

Subordinating Conjunctions

A conjunction is a word that grammatically connects two words, phrases, or clauses together. The most common examples are words like “and” and “but.”. Most conjunctions fall under the category of subordinating conjunctions.

Learn 50 subordinating conjunctions list in English grammar.

  • after
  • although
  • as
  • as if
  • as long as
  • as much as
  • as soon as
  • as though
  • because
  • before
  • even
  • even if
  • even though
  • if
  • if only
  • if when
  • if then
  • inasmuch
  • in order that
  • just as
  • lest
  • now
  • now since
  • now that
  • now when
  • once
  • provided
  • provided that
  • rather that
  • since
  • so that
  • supposing
  • than
  • that
  • though
  • till
  • unless
  • until
  • when
  • whenever
  • where
  • whereas
  • where if
  • wherever
  • whether
  • which
  • while
  • who
  • whoever
  • why

Subordinating Conjunctions Examples

Learn subordinating conjunctions examples to understand their usage.

  •  It is easy to prophesy after the event.
  • She walked home by herself, although she knew that it was dangerous.
  • The lion is not so fierce as he is painted.
  • It looks as if it’s going to rain.
  • I’ll love you as long as I live.
  • The final cost could be as much as one billion dollars.
  • As soon as we can afford it, we’ll move out to the suburbs.
  • The builder looked at me as though I was barking mad.
  • The devil knows may things because he is old.
  • We shouldn’t slight anybody even if he’s a nobody.
  • He had no plans to retire even though he is now very comfortably off.
  • He knows much who knows how to hold his tongue
  • A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone.
  • He left early in order that he should/would/might arrive on time.
  • I obeyed her lest she should be angry.
  • The other banks are going to be very eager to help, provided that they see that he has a specific plan.
  • I tend to forget things unless I mark them down.

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Subordinating Conjunctions

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