Synonyms and Antonyms of 160+ Common Words in English

Synonyms and Antonyms! In this lesson, you will learn synonyms and antonyms of common words in English.

Synonyms and Antonyms of Words

Synonyms of Words

WORD Synonyms
adult grown person
after following, succeeding
aggressive hostile
always all the time
apparent evident, obvious
arrive come
artificial false, insincere
authentic genuine
awkward unpleasant
before prior to, previous to
believe trust
beneficial advantageous
brave courageous
brief short
busy occupy
calm still
care bother
cease stop, finish
charming delightful, pleasant
chubby plump
close end
combine integrate
complex compound
comprehend understand
condemn criticize
confess admit
conflict dispute
conform obey, follow
congested crowed, full
conscientious diligent
consecutive successive
considerate thoughtful
contaminate pollute
continue go on
convenient suitable, appropriate
correct right
courteous polite, well behaved
cozy warm, comfortable
crazy mad
cry weep
dangerous threatening
dark unlighted, black
dead  passed away
deduct subtract
defy escape, defeat
demolish destroy
dense thick, heavy
deposit prepayment
despise detest, hate
destroy demolish
deter discourage
die pass away
difficult hard
diminish decrease
disagree contradict
diverse various
docile obedient
doubt uncertainty
drastic serious
dry withered
dull drab, dreary, somber
early advance
eccentric abnormal
encourage cheer, motivate
enjoy like
enormous huge, vast
entirely totally, fully
evident apparent, obvious
exceptional abnormal, unusual
exhilarated thrill
exquisite beautiful, lovely, elegant
fast quick
feasible possible
few any
fill enough, sufficient, plenty
follow accompany
former prior
frank straight
frigid frozen, freezing
full filled
gallant gentlemanly
gaunt skinny
gentle kind
give present
gloomy dark, shadowy
good wonderful, great
gratitude gratefulness
hard difficult
help assist, aid
hold carry, keep
hospitable friendly
huge big, vast
humiliate embarrass, mortify, humble
idle lazy
immature childish
impartial neutral
imperative vital, crucial
independent individualistic
insane mad
intelligent clever
internal interior
irrelevant immaterial
join connect
keep remain, stay
large big
least smallest
long prolonged
magnify enlarge
maximum highest
mean intend, aim
migrant immigrant
minor slight, small
negligent careless, irresponsible
nice pleasant
numerous many
oblivious unaware, unconscious
observe notice
offend upset
optimistic positive
ordinary usual, normal
outstanding excellent
passive submissive
patience tolerance
perfect ideal
poor poverty-stricken
possible feasible
precious valuable
premature early
preserve conserve
prevalent common
probable likely
profit gain
prominent well known
prosperous flourishing, successful,
push shove, thrust
question inquiry, query
quit leave, stop
radiant bright
relevant pertinent
reluctant unwilling
resist withstand
ridiculous  hilarious
sad unhappy, sorrowful
scarce short, insufficient
seize grab
sick ill, unwell
smooth even
sorrow sadness, unhappiness
spontaneous unplanned
stationary motionless
stop end, finish
stupid unintelligent, brainless
successful victorious
superb excellent, superlative
surplus excess
tender caring, kind
trivial unimportant, insignificant
upset distress
vacant empty, unoccupied, unfilled
valiant brave
vicious violent
wealth affluence, prosperity
wholehearted sincere
win gain
wonderful marvelous, magnificent, superb,
wrong incorrect, mistaken

Antonyms of Words

WORD Antonyms
adult child
after before
aggressive passive
always never
apparent hidden
arrive depart
artificial real, authentic
authentic false, artificial
awkward graceful
before after, behind
believe doubt, distrust
beneficial harmful, adverse
brave cowardly, timid
brief long
busy idle, inactive
calm excited
care neglect
cease continue
charming obnoxious
chubby thin, skinny
close open
combine separate
complex simple
comprehend confuse, misinterpret
condemn approve
confess deny
conflict agree
conform dissent, dispute
congested empty
conscientious neglectful
consecutive interrupted
considerate thoughtless
contaminate purify
continue discontinue, stop
convenient inconvenient
correct wrong, incorrect
courteous rude
cozy uncomfortable
crazy sane
cry laugh
dangerous safe
dark light
dead alive
deduct add
defy obey, comply
demolish restore
dense sparse
deposit withdraw
despise love
destroy restore
deter encourage
die live
difficult easy
diminish increase
disagree agree
diverse same, similar
docile wild
doubt believe
drastic mild, moderate
dry wet
dull sharp, bright
early late
eccentric normal
encourage discourage
enjoy dislike
enormous tiny
entirely partly
evident doubtful, vague
exceptional ordinary, usual
exhilarated depressed
exquisite revolting
fast slow
feasible impossible
few many
fill empty
follow precede
former latter
frank evasive
frigid warm, hot
full empty
gallant ungentlemanly
gaunt overweight, plump
gentle rough, harsh
give take, receive
gloomy cheery, bright
good bad, awful
gratitude ungratefulness
hard soft, easy
help hinder, thwart
hold release, discharge
hospitable rude, unfriendly
huge small, tiny
humiliate honor, dignify
idle busy
immature mature, adult
impartial prejudiced
imperative unnecessary
independent dependent, unsure
insane sane
intelligent ignorant, dense
internal external, outer
irrelevant relevant
join separate
keep discard
large small
least most
long short
magnify reduce, minimize
maximum minimum, least
mean pleasant, nice
migrant stationary, immovable
minor major
negligent conscientious
nice unpleasant
numerous few, scanty
oblivious mindful, aware
observe ignore, disregard
offend please, delight
optimistic pessimistic
ordinary unusual
outstanding insignificant
passive forceful
patience impatience
perfect imperfect, faulty
poor rich, wealthy
possible impossible
precious cheap, worthless
premature late, delayed
preserve destroy, neglect
prevalent uncommon
probable improbable, doubtful
profit loss
prominent unknown
prosperous unsuccessful, fruitless
push pull
question answer
quit continue, remain
radiant dim
relevant irrelevant, insignificant
reluctant willing
resist comply, conform
ridiculous sensible, believable
sad happy, glad
scarce plentiful, abundant
seize release, free
sick well, healthy
smooth rough
sorrow joy, ecstasy
spontaneous planned, rehearsed
stationary movable, portable
stop start, begin
stupid knowledgeable, smart
successful failing, unsuccessful
superb inferior, mediocre
surplus lack, deficit
tender harsh, rough
trivial important, crucial
upset soothe, calm
vacant filled, occupied
valiant cowardly, fearful
vicious kind
wealth poverty
wholehearted insincere
win lose
wonderful awful
wrong correct, right

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