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TFW Meaning: What Does TFW Mean? Useful Examples

TFW Meaning: What Does TFW Mean? Useful Examples

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TFW! Do you know what tfw means in texting? In this lesson, you will learn the meaning, definition and example sentences of the acronym – tfw in English with ESL pictures.


TFW Meaning

TFW = That Face When/ That Feeling When

TFW is an internet acronym that stands for “That Face When” or “That Feeling When”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

TFW can also stand for “that feel when” or even “the feel when.”

For it to function, anybody perusing your TFW text or post ought to adequately comprehend and relate with the feeling you are looking to pass on, regardless of whether you are presenting a ridiculous or odd situation. TFW acronym is usually accompanied by an image or GIF, which can give humor or clarity of meaning.

Other Meanings

  1. Tactical Fighter Wing
  2. That Feel When
  3. The Feel When
  4. Toxic Flood Water
  5. Task Force Whiskey
  6. Thanks for Watching
  7. Travel for Work
  8. Task-Force Web
  9. Temporary Foreign Worker

TFW in Texting

  • “TFW it’s 11 am and your daughter is still sleeping.”
  • “TFW you finally get a text back after seven and a half hours.”
  • “TFW you realize you’ve lost 10$ for online shopping.”

TFW | Infographic

TFW Meaning: What Does TFW Mean? Useful Examples