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TGIF Meaning: How Do You Define the Popular Acronym “TGIF”?

TGIF Meaning: How Do You Define the Popular Acronym “TGIF”?

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What does TGIF mean? Have you ever heard the acronym “TGIF”? In this lesson, you will learn the definition of “TGIF” with conversation examples and ESL infographic.

TGIF Meaning

What Does TGIF Mean?

TGIF stands for “Thank God It’s Friday” or “Thank Goodness It’s Friday“.

“TGIF”  is a phrase used by people at the end of a working week when they are looking forward to two days of rest at the weekend.

Other Meanings

  • TGIF = Thank God I Found You
  • TGIF = TGI Friday’s (US restaurant chain)
  • TGIF = The Green Initiative Fund
  • TGIF = Turfgrass Information File
  • TGIF = Thank Goodness It’s Friday
  • TGIF = Today God Is First
  • TGIF = That Girl Is Fat
  • TGIF = Toes Go In First
  • TGIF = This Goes in Front
  • TGIF = Thank God I’m French
  • TGIF = Thank God I’m Free
  • TGIF = Thank God I’m Forgiven
  • TGIF = Thank God It’s Fun Day
  • TGIF = Thank God I’m Fired
  • TGIF = That Girl Is Freaky

Conversation Examples

Example 1: Conversation between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: This week is too long!
  • Co-worker 2: Yeah, TGIF. Do you have any plan for the weekend?
  • Co-worker 1: I plan to go camping with my family.
  • Co-worker 2: Wow, that sounds good.

Example 2: Conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: TGIT, Do you want to go out tonight?
  • Friend 2: That’s great! How about going to the movie?
  • Friend 1: I’d love to,  I’ll book the tickets.
  • Friend 2: Perfect! Let’s relax!

TGIF Meaning Infographic

TGIF Meaning: How Do You Define the Popular Acronym "TGIF"?

beatriz marques

Tuesday 17th of March 2020

TGIF means; Thanks god it is friday. AND I CAN'T WAIT 4 FRIDAY!! I will go 2 the party on Friday yeaaah!