Types of Crimes: Learn Popular Types of Crimes in English

Types of Crimes! This lesson provides you some different types of crime in English. For example, A murder is different from a robbery, etc.

Types of Crimes

  • MURDER – if you kill somebody.

Examples: He promised to avenge his father’s murder.

  • SHOPLIFTING – if you steal items from shops.

Examples: If she carries on shoplifting, she’ll end up in jail.

  • ASSAULT – if you attack someone physically.

Examples: He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Examples: There were riots, arson, and killings.

  • ROBBERY – if you take property unlawfully from someone or somewhere by force or threat.

Examples: The robbery was carried out by an armed gang.

  • BLACKMAIL – if you make someone give you money so that you don’t reveal their secrets.

Examples:  That was a terrible case of blackmail in the paper today.

  • MUGGING – if you attack and robe somebody in a public place

Examples: Crime is on the increase, especially mugging and burglary.

  • KIDNAPPING – if you abduct somebody and hold them captive.

Examples: The kidnapping occurred in broad daylight.

Type of Crime | Infographic

Types of Crimes: Learn Different Types of Crimes in English

Types of Crimes: Learn Popular Types of Crimes in English 1

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