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WTH Meaning: What in the World Does “WTH” Mean and Stand For?

WTH Meaning: What in the World Does “WTH” Mean and Stand For?

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What does WTH mean? Are you searching for the meaning of this internet term? This lesson helps you understand the meaning of this slang acronym with interesting conversation examples and ESL infographic.

WTH Meaning

What Does WTH Mean?

WTH stands  for “What The Hell” or “What The Heck

We can use “WTH” as an expression on its own with nothing after it, used either to say that you don’t care about the consequences of an action or that you don’t understand something. We also can use as a question about something (the “what”) while emphasizing shock, disbelief, astonishment, confusion or uncertainty.

Other Meanings

  • WTH = What The Heck?
  • WTH = Web to Host
  • WTH = Want to Hire
  • WTH = World Travel Holdings
  • WTH = Wind-to-Hydrogen (renewable energy)
  • WTH = Welcome to Hell
  • WTH = What the Hay?
  • WTH = Who’s That Hottie (fashion)
  • WTH = Who the Hell?
  • WTH = Welcome To Heaven
  • WTH = Washington Times-Herald
  • WTH = Welcome to Holland (poem)
  • WTH = What’s This? Help (Microsoft Windows help feature)

Example Conversations

Example 1: Conversation between two friends.

  • Person 1: We have a class this weekend.
  • Person 2: WTH???

Example 2: Conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: “I just saw someone walking their dog ignore the huge turd it left on the sidewalk.”
  • Friend 2: “WTH is wrong with people?!!!”

Example 3: Conversation between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: “Dave said he accidentally deleted the file for the group project…”
  • Co-worker 2: “WTH are we gonna do now?”

WTH Meaning



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