WYM Meaning: What Does WYM Mean in Texting? Useful Examples

WYM! What does WYM mean? In this article, you will learn learn how and when to use the internet slang word “WYM” with ESL infographic and interesting texting conversations in English.


WYM Meaning

WYM stands for “What you mean?”

“What you mean” is often used in messages between friends and on social media platforms.

It is basically a question that many ask others, when they don’t exactly understand what someone just said.  For instance, if someone messages you to look up, you ask them, WYM? .

 While the acronym WYM stands for What You Mean, the actual question with the right and appropriate grammar would be ‘What DO you mean’. But since internet slangs have nothing to do with proper grammar, people write such slang however they want and like. Without worrying about grammar or punctuation.

WYM Examples

Conversation 1

  • Rina: I have a plan.
  • Ian: Spill
  • Rina: Let’s go for the trip.
  • Ian: Wym?
  • Rina: This will help us take a break from this stress. It is a good way of releasing the stress.
  • Ian: Sounds great.

Conversation 2

  • Jen: I need to sleep.
  • Dora: WYM?
  • Jen: I need a break is what I mean.
  • Dora: You can’t get one because you’re studying medical.
  • Jen:  Thank You for the reality check.

WYM | Infographic

WYM Meaning: What Does WYM Mean in Texting? Useful ExamplesPin

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